Friday, June 26, 2009

Swearing off paranormals......

When I finished Wicked Redemption, my latest paranormal release, I said I’d never write another book in this genre. Why? Because my voice, my entire writing style, is different with paranormals vs. my historical romances. The language is quick, modern, edgy. Writing in the contemporary world is certainly easier than world building in the past, but I love history. I love the research.

To tell you the truth, researching demons and the occult world scared me just a little. A friend suggested I watch the movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” He said it would educate me on the nature of demons. So I watched it.

I guess I have a low scare tolerance. Most people don’t find the movie scary. I, on the other hand, slept with the light on for over a week! Holy crow, this wasn’t my hero demon, Cole Turner! This demon was…well bad. But bad in a bad way.

I know this sounds pathetic, but writing Wicked Redemption kept me up nights. Not for the hot steamy parts, which I admit contain quite a few, but for the scary stuff. For the demon that Cole is.

So I swore off paranormals. But I miss them. I miss my bad boys. And I’ve started writing another one. This time with the heroine as a paranormal figure, I won’t say what. It’s a surprise.

~ Nancy

Nancy Henderson
Always a story...


  1. Nancy, while I love your historicals, I also love your contemporaries. There is so much more to paranormals than demons and things that go bump in the night. Remember, not all paranormals are dark and frightening. Some are downright uplifting, and some are funny as heck.

    Besides, if you let a scary demon keep you from doing what you love to do, the demon wins. And we can't have that, can we??


    (who agrees that 'Emily Rose' was a very scarey movie)

  2. Ellen offers some good advice. I saw all the old Hammer films in the '60s with Christopher Lee as Dracula and would go home, put on a cross, and hide my head under the covers. But I've always loved a good scare--as long as it's fiction!

  3. Hey, you guys gave me an idea: a funny demon! Think I can pull it off? Hmmm... You got my muse thinking! LOL

  4. Nancy, I'm with you about the scary. I (Angelica) have a very low scare tolerance, but you know what, I read those books like crazy. So don't stop writing them. The poor repressed demon needs the spotlight, too, and us love-to-be scared fans adore watching evil get its butt kicked. Great blog!

  5. Nancy, I think you're great, but to Ellen's point, what's wrong with the demon winning sometimes?

    Angelic smoochies,