Saturday, December 26, 2015

Savvy Saturday with Our New Author Sheila Stewart and Her Characters Basil and Trinity

'Tis the season for song, so sing with joy for Savvy Saturday! Shiela Stewart is a new amazing paranormal romance author whose book is sizzling in our e-readers. Learn a little bit more abouwebsite, and don't forget to grab a copy of her book from Amazon, Kobo, or the Champagne Bookstore.  
t Shiela on her

Hello Shiela! I know you have a new book out, and could you tell us a little about it?

Thank you for having me today, Kylee.

Seducing the Darkness is a paranormal romance set in the fictional town of Jacobs Cove. Unbeknownst to the town folk, there are vampires who plan to take over the town. One particular vampire named Chaos is determined to raise the king of vampires and to do so, he must do a ritual that will cast the town in complete darkness.

Basil, the son and heir of Avadur, the king, as well as his once love, Trinity are determined to stop it. Although Trinity vows never to talk to Basil again after he cheated on her, she has to give in and when they start working together, their romance is kindled. Despite their efforts, Chaos manages to perform the ritual and the darkness engulfs the town.

No one is safe from the vampires, but Trinity and Basil, along with some friends try to do their best to save their town, and the residence that live there.

It sounds really interesting; do you think we could talk to Basil and Trinity? Their fans would love to get to know them a little more.

Of course.

Great! So, Trinity and Basil, how are you today?

Basil: Aside from the grueling task of trying to save the human race and preventing my father from rising, I’m good.

Trinity: Don’t mind him. He’s still pissed at me for burning his expensive leather jacket. I’m frustrated with humans. They know something is up given the town is dark, and they know creatures are lurking, yet they’re still stupid and go out on their own without any protection. I never understand how humans can be so blind.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you met?

Basil: I first saw her when she was working in a convenience store. She looked so sad. Her eyes were dull, lifeless and she instantly intrigued me. I began to follow her, cloaked of course so not to scare her. The more I saw her, the more I wanted to get to know her better. I finally approached her and as she began to open up to me, I knew she was the one.

Trinity: I had just lost my entire family in a skiing accident and I was feeling alone and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities left to me by my parents death. Basil came to me just when I needed a friend. He was kind, and gentle and even when I figured out he was a vampire, I still wanted to be with him. I never once regretted giving my life to him.

Somehow, you seem to have worked out your differences. As a couple, if you had to chose to live somewhere in the world, where would it be?

Trinity: I’ve never really thought about living somewhere other than Jacobs Cove. It's been my home.

Basil: I’ve visited several places over the years, but I always find myself coming back here. My father chose this place several centuries ago. I’ve never really asked why, but this is where he chose and this is where I grew up.

Trinity: Also, we know this is a safe haven for vampires. Unfortunately, now, they have taken over and killing as many humans as they can.

What did you want to be when you were small?

Basil: There was no ‘want’ for me. I was groomed to become king someday, should my father fall.

Trinity: I wanted to be a teacher. As far back as I can remember I wanted to teach. As it happened, I was in school cramming for exams when my parents died. I gave it all up after that because I needed to work in order to live.

How would you describe each other’s personalities?

Basil: Trinity, is stubborn, determined and though she will deny it, a romantic.

Trinity: Basil is a know it all, persistent and loyal.

Well, thank you all for joining us today!

Basil: Thank you so much for having us. Not a lot of people would be eager to sit near two vampires without worrying we might attack you. (Basil smiles, his fangs showing)

Trinity: Behave, Basil. We don’t take humans. We use blood banks.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Savvy Saturday: Meet Jess Bennett, a 78 years old protagonist of The Travelers by Keith Wayne McCoy

Welcome to Savvy Saturday at night! We have Keith Wayne McCoy and Jess Bennett here from his book, The Travelers. Keith's book is available on Amazon, Kobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

Tell me a little about yourself—your name, profession, where you live, do you have a family, the usual.

My name is Jess Bennett and I am 78 years old. I was born and raised in a flat in London, England. World War II gave me an American GI named James to fall in love with and marry. After the war, we left England and my mother for New York on the ship of our destiny, the QUEEN MARY. We left Southampton with only each other but arrived in New York as a family after a North Atlantic encounter with an otherworldly, desperate mother and her two small children. My life began on that voyage.

What happened to you, so you ended up in this crazy adventure the novel talks about?
We began a life in southern Illinois in Jim’s ancestral Victorian farmhouse. It was heaven on earth, and I had never been happier. But when we lost our children just nine months apart, I fell off the path of the living and descended into the deathly world of bitterness and hostility. Losing just one of them would have been pain enough but both was simply too much, like a double amputation. My marriage disintegrated and despair leveled any hope of a normal existence and I became a recluse. Now, decades later, this young black filmmaker has brought Jim and I together again for a final reunion with that poor mother who has returned to shut doors all older mortals contemplate.

What is your biggest regret?

I lost the love of my life. I am happy Jim remarried but I absolutely hate his second wife because she has my man. I’ve never been with another man but have no one to blame for losing him except myself. I actually freed him because I knew I would never be the same. It was the hardest choice I’ve ever made, brave I tell myself, but it was necessary. But this young man has given me this final chance to find my way after all these decades and all I need before I die is to see that woman.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Excerpt from Absence Of Light

Absence Of Light
By Rick Giernoth
Supernatural Thriller/Horror
Champagne Books:

Helen’s death and re-emergence leads to battle of might versus will, revenge versus hope and the second Son Of God.


“Who’s in here? I can hear you. Come out, I’m right here waiting for you.”

Silence followed, and her suspicion rose. Helen stood and peered throughout the room. The curtains at the window sat still, television darkened, nothing out of place.

“I know you’re here.” Helen rushed over to her dresser and took out the Holy Scriptures, and laid them on her lap. She sat on the bed quietly. If she had one thing in her life she clung to, it was her skewed vision of the Good Book.

“God be with me. I don’t know these voices in my head,” Helen covered her ears. “Please end this. Lord, help me.”

Helen opened the Bible.

“They hurt me once. Father please don’t let them hurt me further. Your verse has always helped me conquer my demons. Help me with this one.” Helen begged as visions of the two attackers infiltrated her mind once more.

Helen turned to her right. Her right arm flung out as one of the assailants held her arm tightly and pressed it to the bed. She turned left. The other attacker pinned her left arm to the bed. Without provocation, the darkest dark swirled in front of her. It was a darkness she had never seen before. An entity in itself, it made no sound, gave no expression, yet filled the room with an aura of hate.

Helen stared vacantly at the entity. The attackers released their grips. She pushed herself to the back of the bed. Her heart was racing, and her breaths were short. She was unable to take her eyes away. Looking for a weapon of any sort, only the Bible lay in view. ClichĂ© moments in the annals of cinema thrust themselves to the forefront of her mind. She opened the book. The words blurred. Her eyes bled. A single drop of blood hit the open page and the words vanished. Helen turned the page and it was blank. She turned the page, blank, and turned the page, blank. She wiped her eyes and blood covered her palms. She cried. “Father,” Helen screamed. “Why do you forsake me in my time of need?”

Helen ran to her purse and spilled it out onto her bed. She spread the contents over the sheets. Panic replaced any rational thought. Her first idea became the solution. Scavenging through the chaos, she pulled out a pen. Helen uncapped the pen and opened her Bible again.

“Okay, Father. I see. I need to work for you. I understand. One, thou shall not kill. Two thou shall not take another God. Three, don’t steal.” She both spoke and wrote.

Helen shook unable to find the words. She placed the pen down and sat silently. She looked upon the book and the words she just wrote…blank. She flipped through the pages one after another. Each page was pure white. Her chest emptied, her stomach emptied, her mind emptied, her arms numbed and fell to her side.

She laughed, looking at the pen. “Fucking pen. It’s just the fucking pen, an empty pen.” she laughed and threw the writing utensil across the room.

She grabbed another pen and wrote. Nothing stuck. She looked down at the pen, smiling. She threw the pen and grabbed her lipstick. “Now, I know this will work.” Helen twisted the lipstick, forcing the bright red makeup nearly an inch over its casing.

She looked at the blank page and scribbled away her rendition of the Ten Commandments. Nothing stuck to the pages. She marked across her arm with the lipstick and produced a brightly colored streak.

She picked up the book. “You’re the one fucking me. You’re the one trying to deceive me.” She wrote on the bed and the walls. In a moment of delusion, she called on the scriptures and wrote any recollections of the Word on her walls. Off the holy pages and onto the walls, her words appeared. The Commandments on one side of her room, and any name she could evoke on the remaining walls, written in a mad hand. She etched the names Jesus, Mary, Moses, and Isaiah throughout the room, along with innumerable crosses and images of angels. Her soul was torn between being lost and having no hope at all.

“This can’t be real. I’m just going through some post traumatic syndrome shit,” she said to herself, laughing at her irrational response to a misprinted Bible and a few tricks of the mind.

“Your trauma hasn’t started yet,” an eerie voice echoed.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Savvy Saturday with Celia Breslin and a Sexy Vampire

Today on Savvy Saturday we extend a warm welcome to paranormal romance writer, Celia Breslin. Celia has three books with Champagne Book Group: The Vampire Code, Haven, and Destiny. Her books are available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and at the Champagne Bookstore. It seems like we have an extra guest in the room as well!

Celia, who are you bringing with you today?

[Celia] Hi Everyone! Happy to be here on the Champagne blog. I’ve brought a special guest with me from the Tranquilli Bloodline Series, Carina’s one and only true love. Take it away, Alexander…

It is wonderful to have you here, Alexander. How are you doing?

[Alexander] ::removes sunglasses and settles in chair:: I’m fine, thank you. Pleasure to be here.

Tell your adoring fans a little bit more about yourself.
[Alexander] ::arches a brow:: Adoring fans…I like the sound of that. I’m a musician. When I was human, I was part of a fairly popular, indie rock band in San Francisco. We parted ways after I…changed. Now I play solo gigs, primarily classical and jazz piano, in venues exclusively for members of the preternatural community.

Next up are some interesting, and fairly random questions. Are you ready?

[Alexander] ::nods:: Fire away.

Good! Here we go. If you could join any past or current music group, which would you want to join?

[Alexander] Nine Inch Nails.

How often do you buy clothes? And what styles do you prefer?

[Alexander] ::shifts in seat:: Fairly often. I shop at the private boutiques off Union Square. After sundown, of course. As for my style, ::lifts arms:: my Carina calls me her “edgy, urban, rock star.”

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

[Alexander] ::strokes chin:: No idea. Celia?

[Celia] Hm, I’d say Alex O’Loughlin would rock that role. Or Ian Somerhalder. Or Tom Mison without the beard.

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?

[Alexander] I’d go back to the first time I saw Carina, walking in front of my car in the Castro. External forces kept us apart that day and for too long after. I’d change that.

All right Alexander, last question. Which historical figure do you most identify with?

[Alexander] Trent Reznor. ::winks:: If you want an ancient history answer, you’ll have to ask the vampire geezers, such as Jonas or Thomas.

[Celia] Oh my God, Alexander! Death-wish much? ::shakes head:: Geezers…you’re so lucky they aren’t here!

It has been an absolute joy talking with you both today. I hope we can do this again soon!

[Alexander] Thanks for having me. I’d be happy to return, with Carina next time. Right, Celia?

[Celia] Yes, Alexander. Although, the two of you together do tend to get a bit distracted.

[Alexander] ::smiles, smoky blue eyes sparking with heat:: Indeed.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Excerpt from Untamed

Duty Bound, 3
By J. S. Marlo
Romantic Suspense
Champagne Books:

Shaped by tragedy. Bound by duty. Driven by justice. Avery trusts his instinct, not the law, to protect a deaf woman and her young son.


On most days it didn’t bother Hannah that her son didn’t eat any faster than fresh paint dried on a cool, rainy day. Today it did. “We need to get into town. Would you hurry and eat your breakfast?”

Rory looked at her with big blue eyes, so much like her own, but when his mind wandered, his gaze lost its focus, and she could see his father in him. Not a memory she wanted to dwell on.

“If you finish your oatmeal, I promise to buy you some Timbits.” Doughnut holes were her son’s favorite treat, and while blackmailing wasn’t a technique on which she often relied, his slow pace didn’t give her much of a choice. They couldn’t be late for church. Not today.

He shoved a big spoonful in his mouth then dropped the utensil into the bowl, splashing oatmeal onto his pajama top.

A sigh expanded inside Hannah’s chest. “What is it?” After half an hour, there was no way his breakfast was too hot.

Snowflake zoomed out of the kitchen at the same time Rory knocked with his fist into thin air. Three times. One of the many secret codes that bridged their worlds together.

“I will go answer the door. You keep eating, okay?” Without waiting for an acknowledgment, she crossed into the living room.

The dog scratched at the door, her short tail wagging like a windmill. With her foot, Hannah nudged the animal aside. A front of frigid air swept inside the cabin when she answered.

“Hello, Hannah.”

“Cooper?” At the best of times, the constable’s visits were an inconvenience she tolerated. Today, she had no patience to spare for the young, cocky officer. With his curly strawberry blond hair, turquoise eyes, disarming smile, and strapping physique, he could have been a poster boy for model agencies. Unfortunately for him, she was immune to his charms.

As if Snowflake sensed her annoyance, she leapt at the unwelcomed officer and sank her teeth into his leather boots. Cooper shook his leg, frowning, and Snowflake retreated behind the couch.

“The pooch doesn’t like me, does he?” The greeting might as well have been written on the front of his uniform. He repeated it every time he stopped by.

“No, she doesn’t.” Hannah had stopped counting how often she’d corrected him. By now, the sex of her dog should have sunk in. “What do you want?”

By skipping the pleasantries, she hoped to shorten his stay.

“I’m attending a colleague’s funeral in a few hours. Why don’t you send the boy to his room and show some compassion?” As he took a step inside, he unzipped his jacket. One hand lingered on his big, shiny belt buckle, and she fantasized about chopping off the appendage. “Checking on you every week isn’t part of my job description. I deserve some kind of compensation on a day like this.”

His gall sickened her, but as much as she wanted to report him for sexual harassment, she couldn’t. Cooper would claim she had misread his lips, blame the misunderstanding on the lack of a hearing aid.

The words of a supposedly respected RCMP officer against the words of a deaf woman once arrested for prostitution. She would lose. The incident would tear her already tarnished reputation to shreds. Such was the price for silence.

“I have a better idea, Cooper. Stop checking on me and get out. I’d hate to mistake you for a bear and shoot you.”

He stared her down, but she held his gaze. After what felt like an eternity, he gripped the doorknob. “You’re alone in the woods, Parker. Don’t push your luck.”

And with this cryptic advice, he left.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Excerpt from Love ‘n Lies

Love ‘n Lies
Evermore Chronicles
By Aspen deLainey
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Champagne Books:

Is there a diet plan out there for Vampires? One where I can keep the cleavage?


Justin and I played on my bed, a habit we’d fallen into before my day nap. Moonbeams flooded my bedroom, across the bed. I scratched his belly; he mock grabbed me, back feet gently raking my arm. He’d forgiven me days ago. Finally. You have no idea how long a cat can hold a grudge. I couldn’t believe how much I had bonded with him. I enjoyed coming home to Justin, who showed me how much my presence meant to him. He always greeted me at the door, winding around my ankles to show his happiness at my return. He always seemed ready to cuddle and purr. He loved to sleep stretched out beside me. He didn’t care what I looked like. He didn’t seem offended about my extra mass. Like last night when I’d been turned down flat by some guy who’d told me he wouldn’t be caught dead seen with a fat chick. I still cringed.

Let’s face it; I had fallen in love with my cat. I cuddled him up, planting kisses on his face, between his ears, on his head. He turned up into one kiss. Right on the smacker. An unearthly glow surrounded him, hazy with gold and sparkles. So bright I had to hide my eyes. The glow became a physical presence, enlarging until it forced me off the bed. I could hear sounds of pain, pleasure, fulfillment from Justin. My Justin! I feared for him. The glow finally died away enough that I could open my eyes.

A glorious naked male lay there, on my bed. Exactly where Justin my cat had lain not minutes before. Oh Goddess, what a sight! He had dark hair in a widow’s peak, a small black moustache and goatee, beautiful formed small ears, white, white skin, seriously wide muscular shoulders, lightly furred buff chest, tapering down to a firm belly, furred very male groin, and long, long muscular legs. The golden necklace with an amulet that looked remarkably similar to the markings Justin had on his chest, twinkling the last of a spell, lay on his chest. It almost convinced me that, maybe, just maybe, this could possibly be Justin. An unenchanted Justin.

Oh, oh, oh. Did I say male, gloriously male? Naked as the day he got birthed? Lying in the middle of my bed! My beloved used-to-be cat!

He stretched and yawned. He blinked, eyes opening slowly, revealing those gorgeous frosted green, almond-shaped eyes I’d grown used to seeing. Justin eyes. A delighted smile curved his lips as he looked over at me. He winked, turned on his side and beckoned. Justin? The cat I love? He’s human? I held my breath, pinched myself hard and blinked hard. Justin, the vision, remained. “What just happened?”

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Excerpt from Daughter Of Zeus

Daughter Of Zeus
By Red Harvey
Science Fiction
Champagne Books:

With the power of a god, would you choose vengeance or forgiveness?


Too bad she didn’t really know what she was doing. Her powers had recently manifested, and she was still learning how to use them. Zapping roaches and overriding ATM machines came to her naturally, like breathing. Powering a car would, hopefully, come as naturally.

She closed her eyes and took deep breaths, the type her mom would be proud of. She imagined her mom on the brink of one of her many anxiety attacks and found it hard not to smile. Just doin’ my breathin’ exercises, she would say.

Deep breathing worked, brought Ada out of the panic bubble. In a state of rest, her mind reached out to the engine. She imagined the car alive with electricity. The car sputtered, and inside, she ignited as well. Her heart fired when the car did. Immediately, she felt a tug, like an invisible harness around her chest, tied to the engine, pulling and pulling but she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Route to home,” Ada gasped.

“Routing to home. We will reach your destination in three minutes.”

Three minutes? Another ten seconds dragged on, taking her lungs with them. Already her chest burned. No, her chest was freezing cold. Every breath tasted like swallowing a handful of nickels.

As the car continued on auto-pilot, she struggled to stay awake.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Excerpt from The Twelfth Night Queen’s Deception

The Twelfth Night Queen’s Deception
By Rita Bay
Historical Romance
Champagne Books:

Fontaines always married Westburys, until the Twelfth Night Queen rebelled.


A boot rubbed against her slipper. She looked up, startled. Edward glanced toward the head of the table. Grandmama, who was responsible for this disaster, was speaking to her. “Pardon, Grandmama, I was gathering wool.”

Percy, who had arrived at the table already in his cups, snickered. He’d discovered the liquor cabinet in the library. According to Williams, he’d demanded the key and sampled the contents liberally. Sitting beside him before dinner had been a trial. She was disgusted when Percy touched her leg and arm. Edward looked ready to throttle him, but calmed some when she frowned at him.

“I asked, dear, if you enjoyed the tour.”

She would have to dance around that question. “Sir Matthew is very knowledgeable.”

Sir Matthew glanced up on cue. “Thank you, Miss Fontaine. Your book collection is superb, Lady Fontaine. Your Roman antiquities are exquisite.”

Percy lifted himself out of the semi-stupor he’d fallen into during the second course. “Are they valuable?”

Sir Matthew nodded. “Priceless. Museum quality pieces, but I couldn’t imagine selling anything.”

Percy downed his glass of wine. “If the price is right, why not?”

Grandmama choked. “The Fontaine Collection is not for sale.”

Percy chuckled. “But the Westbury Collection might be.”

Grandmama glared at Percy. “I wasn’t aware there was a Westbury Collection. The Fontaine Collection is entailed with the estate. It’s not for sale.”

“Everything is for sale, if the price is right. Entail? Who will gainsay me next month when I am master here?”

Amelia couldn’t have heard correctly, but Percy sounded so certain. “Pardon? Next month? To what is Percy referring, Grandmama?”

Horatia frowned. “You didn’t tell the girl about the wedding, Aunt Charlotte? That explains much.”

Edward glanced at Lady Georgina. She shrugged and shook her head. They had been caught unaware also. Grandmother owed them all an explanation.

“What didn’t you tell me, Grandmama?”

Grandmama looked away. “Percy and his family felt it would be better to marry sooner rather than later. I intended to discuss the matter after the holidays.” She glared at Percy. “It would appear Percy decided against that.”

Percy shrugged. “Near enough. The banns will be announced Sunday at St. John’s for the first time.”

Married within the month? This was intolerable. “What about my Season you promised me, Grandmama?”

Horatia scowled. “You had your Season and were presented. It’s not as though you need to find a husband. Why waste good money that could be better spent elsewhere?” She nodded at Millicent and smiled. The woman blushed and looked down at her plate.

Amelia’s temper was ready to explode. Grandmama could hardly expect her to make a match with Percy. He was personally disgusting, was foxed more often than not, and would generally make a poor husband.


Her grandmother seemed to wilt in her chair. “There is a contract, dear. Your parents betrothed you to Percy when you were two years old. I supported—no, encouraged—the betrothal at the time. It was my fondest desire to see the families united again. Now, I don’t know. The…”

Percy struggled to his feet. “Your grandmother is correct, Amelia. There’s a contract and I’ll tolerate no talk of crying off. I’ll see you in court, if you try.” He staggered across the dining room, grabbed a bottle of brandy from the sideboard, and left.

Monday, December 7, 2015


It's the first Monday of the month, and we have five new books just waiting for your eyes to read them. A dash of suspense, a handful of paranormal, and a large helping of romance will get you through these long, cold nights. Keep reading to see what we have to offer!

The Twelfth Night Queen’s Deception

By Rita Bay
Historical Romance
Champagne Books

Amelia Fontaine was betrothed to her cousin, Percy Westbury, while she was still in leading strings. When Percy and his family arrive for a long holiday visit, Amelia is dismayed by the prospect of the impending arranged marriage. With his estate in shambles, Percy flaunts his plans to use Fontaine Hall’s wealth to benefit his family’s fortunes. When Percy demands that Amelia end her friendship with her neighbor, Edward Thornton, will she choose to follow tradition or pursue happiness?

Edward Thornton, the Earl of Bridgwater, couldn’t remember a time he didn’t love Amelia. He didn’t believe her grandmother would insist on the arranged marriage, until the entire Westbury clan invites themselves to Fontaine Hall. When Edward discovers Percy’s secret life and his sinister plans for Amelia, he embarks on a campaign to rescue her. Will the Twelfth Night Queen help him save his beloved from her cruel fate?

Daughter Of Zeus
By Red Harvey
Science Fiction
Champagne Books

The future can be a terrifying prospect, especially when Ada Freyr discovers she can manipulate electricity. Ada is grief-stricken when her abilities result in the death of her husband and terrified of being discovered by the Prominent-run State. Unusual citizens are labeled Undesirable, and are never seen again.

Ada drives to Atlanta, intent on finding her father. She blames everything that’s happened on him, and vows to kill him for ruining her life. However, once Ada meets her father, she realizes he’s no longer the alcoholic she remembers: he’s now a Congressman with a family and a new name, ready for a Senator’s seat.

Ada’s scheme lands her on the Undesirable list, leads a stranger to stalk her, and stunts her relationship with her siblings. Soon, she has to decide which is more important: a vendetta, or forgiveness.

Love ‘n Lies
Evermore Chronicles
By Aspen deLainey
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Champagne Books

Leticia is a vampire, and she’s just woken from a year long slumber to the unpleasant surprise that she has put on some pounds. A ridiculous thought, but her clothes don’t lie. So Letty sets out to lose some weight, does a little shopping and then goes out to see what’s changed in the year she’s been asleep. Being a titch lonely, one of her friends suggest a cat, so she finds one at a shelter and adopts it. However, when she gets the cat home he acts a bit un-catlike. Especially when he turns into a hunky human male cursed by a nasty wizard. Unfortunately, by turning Justin back to human Letty is now a target as well, and her comfy life is about to turn upside down.

Duty Bound, 3
By J. S. Marlo
Romantic Suspense
Champagne Books

Posted in the heart of winter to a remote detachment in Newfoundland, Constable Avery Stone is a freshly demoted Mountie with a rogue streak. As he looks into the death of a disgraced officer, he stumbles onto unresolved crimes. His troubling investigation throws him into the path of Hannah Parker, a feisty deaf woman.

To escape her past, Hannah moves into the woods where she catches a glimpse of her grandfather's killers, but her credibility is damaged by recanted accusations. The birth of her son further tarnishes her reputation and hinders her ability to trust. When shadowy forces threaten her family, Hannah is forced to rely on Avery.

Tangled in a web of deadly deceit, Avery seeks to protect Hannah's family while desperately trying to retrieve the crucial evidence locked inside their minds. Can Hannah recapture her past in time to save her only child and the man she loves?

Absence Of Light
By Rick Giernoth
Supernatural Thriller/Horror
Champagne Books

Taken off the streets at the tender age of twelve, Helen was “rescued” by David Washington, founder of a separatist hate group. Now in her twenties, the lost youth knows nothing but hatred, a hatred that leads to her death and re-emergence.

Helen has an ability the Legions of Hell want, she has seen the path to the afterlife but still walks among Heaven’s hopefuls. They need her to scar the one who spurned them. To save her, a hidden sect of the Church, The Order of Camerone, fight the supernatural.

The battle begins, might versus will, revenge versus hope, and the second Son of God.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Savvy Saturday with Jenna Greene and Some Brownies

Welcome once again to the amazing, fabulous, and always entertaining Savvy Saturday. Today we have one of our new authors, Jenna Greene, here to chat with us. It seems she has even brought some friends! Jenna's book, Imagine, is a Young Adult fantasy about two friends transported to another world in order to stop the evil that threatens them all. Her book is available on Amazon, Kobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

Hello Jenna, we are happy to have you here! I see you have brought two friends; care to tell us a little about them?

With me are Alana and Petie. Not only are they brother and sister, but they’re both Brownies.

It is a pleasure to meet you both. Do either of you mind answering some questions?

Petie: (waving both arms above his head while jumping on one foot) I will! I will!
Alana: (giving a dainty curtsy) Me too.

Wonderful! All right here we go: what is your proudest accomplishment?

Petie: I learned the best Knock-Knock joke in the world. Want to hear it? Knock, knock!
Alana: Not now.
Petie: (frowning) Dang.

What did you want to be when you were small?

Alana: (hands on hips) Hey! Are you making fun of small people?
Petie: I’m twelve full inches tall. My sister is only 11 ½ inches. She’s short.
Alana: Am not.
Petie: Are too.
Alana: You’re a poo-poo stupid head.
Petie: Am not.
Alana: Are too.

Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not?

Alana: We love surprises!
Petie: Does this mean you’re going to give us a present? I love pressies! Is it a rock? A piece of string? A leaf? A shoe for me to sleep in?

Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?

Petie: My sister!
Alana: Jellybeans.
Petie: Um…?

Last question folks, although it has been a joy talking with you both. Are you a clean or messy person?

Alana: I don’t understand the question.
Petie: (under breath) Messy. (Louder) Clean!

Thank you for joining us for Savvy Saturday!

Petie:  So… about that present?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Kindness of Strangers by Nikki Andrews

Despite their masses of people, cities can be the loneliest places on Earth. Especially when you’re far from home. When your plans to meet with friends fall through. When it’s cold, damp, and gray. And when it’s Christmas Eve.

“The next person who looks at me,” I decided, hunching my shoulders up around my ears, “I will speak to.” Foot traffic on the Tower Bridge was even sparser than the auto traffic, and everyone kept their eyes on the ground as they hurried home to their families and fruitcakes and whatever else warms the cockles of Londoners’ hearts. Meanwhile, my friends’ plane had been delayed and the coin-operated heater in my room at the hostel couldn’t compete with the drafty window. So I walked to keep myself warm and the homesickness at bay.

Someone else seemed to be in the same boat. A thin, red-faced young man strode briskly toward me, head up and hands stuffed in the pockets of his inadequate jacket. He slowed as our eyes met.

“Excuse me. Do you know if there is anything open in this city today?” I pretended the quaver in my voice was just shivers.

He blinked, then offered me his arm. “Let’s find out, shall we?”

Mark was a Kiwi, I learned, newly arrived to visit cousins up north, where he hoped to find work. His single bag had been misrouted, and he was killing time until he could return to the airline to get it. I was a student on break from my classes in southern France, and my closest family was in Pennsylvania. Both of us feigned enthusiastic curiosity about the city around us, but melancholy lurked behind our eyes.

We walked through thinning crowds, slipping into shops now and then to warm our toes and noses. I bought a small gift for my fiancĂ© back in the US, and the shopkeeper pressed cups of hot tea into our hands. We dined on burgers at a Blimpie’s, where the server “forgot” to charge us for chips. In the evening, seeking only heat and a place to sit down, we entered a church and joined in singing the sweet familiar carols. An old couple, no doubt amused by our mismatched accents, passed us a note: “If you have no plans tomorrow, come for dinner.” And in the exit shuffle after the service, someone draped a warm scarf over Mark’s shoulders.

He returned with me to the hostel, where we used the phone to confirm that his bag and my friends had been located. “Well,” he began, and together we said, “Happy Christmas.” We embraced and kissed goodbye, and I have never seen him again.

But I think of him every year, and I hope he thinks of me. I can no longer recall his face. It was many years ago, and this is not a romance. We were just two lonely people, met by chance and touched by the kindness of strangers. Sometimes, that’s exactly enough.

Nikki Andrews has earned a living as a picture framer, stable hand and crafter, but in her real life she is an author, songwriter, and editor. She has been writing since junior high school, has recorded an album of original songs with a church choir, and has completed the National Novel Writing Month Challenge ten consecutive years.

She is the author of several published and award-winning short stories, as well as three novels. Framed, her most recent novel, is a mystery set in an art gallery--a long-lost painting turns up and holds clues to a murder/suicide. Her two science fiction novels, Chicken Bones and A Windswept Star, have been called "a wild mix of genres that works." She is a member of Talespinners, a women's writing group, and the New Hampshire Writers' Project.

Check out her website here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tattle and Wrye column December 2015 edition Awards

From the desk of ~


The couple sweep onto the stage in appropriate attire.  Yes, Associate Wrye Balderdash in top hat, tux and tails, an exceptionally large beaver tail to be exact.  Dona Penza Tattle adorned in a glitter walk-the-red-carpet burgundy slender silhouette style gown.  (She wants all to notice the slender part because she is wearing a corset that has sucked everything in to the point of making her eyes bulge and her breathing shallow.) 

(Applause from the cyber crowd of readers.)

"Thank you, thank you."  Wrye bows graciously.  "The true applauds go to all the nominees and their riveting books.  It has been an incredibly difficult decision, but at last we have found our WINNER and TOP NOMINEE for the Tattle and Wrye Book Award.”  Otherwise known as:


(More applause from the cyber crowd of readers.)

Angelica smiles broadly, trips over the hem of her gown, feels a stitch pop, sucks in her breath and breathes out in one long gasp, “Please find below the criteria we used."

~Reviewed by Tattle and Wrye, separately and donut free (so as not to create an artificial zone of contentment)
~Dimensional characters who morph over time, and not into dinosaurs (unless that is a plot device)
~Faceted universe like a kaleidoscope that brings flashbacks to psychedelic Tuesdays of our 80s (someone digressed)
~Compelling like chocolate truffles you can't resist (no one can write chocolate, but what if, the world would eat it up)
~Good conflict - think clashing swords or sparring armadillos or Feuding Writing Partners (shameless plug)
~Smart/snappy dialogue, without using finger-snapping or gingersnaps or snapping turtles with red polished toenails unless they speak
~Believable inner voice even if crazy voices.  Note:  Crazies seem to have more fascinating inner voices.
~Memorable, even more so than remembering getting lost in a cupcake factory without your blood sugar testing kit
~Unpredictable plot that brings the cat ate the canary snigger as, get this, the canary ate the cat
~Stunning twists that cause spontaneous "Weoooos!" and pee-pee dances around the Rug Doctor
~Keeper-upper-til-all-too-late, as good as any date, and the perfect purchase avoiding the bad book rebate
~Ultimately, an irresistible urge by both Tattle and Wyre to high five the author
~Bottom line:  Was it good?
“Just so you all know, as much as we love our fun and games, we do have a serious side as well.  We truly took our time, and thoughtfully considered everyone’s book as you can see by the following true criteria,” says Wrye, looking somber.

~Reviewed by Tattle and Wrye 
~Dimensional characters who change
~Believable universe 
~Passionate (weather humorous, dramatic, or mysterious, etc.)
~Good conflict
~Smart/snappy dialogue
~Credible inner voice
~Unpredictable plot
~Stunning twists

“Now, for our TOP FINALIST!  The envelope, please.”  A large off-white envelope appears in her hand as Tattle and Wrye announce in unison:  Congratulations to JULIE EBERHART PAINTER in recognition of MEDIUM RARE!

(Cheers and applause from the cyber crowd of readers.)

 “And, finally our WINNER!  The envelope, please.”  A large off-white envelope appears in Tattles’ hand as the duet announce in unison:  Congratulations to Ron D. Voigts in recognition of THE WITCH’S DAUGHTER!

(Cheers, whistles, feet stomping and applause from the cyber crowd of readers.)

Congratulations to both Julie and Ron!  Your books were fabulous and we were so honored to have read them.  We will be sending you a cyber copy of the certificate as well as an icon for your webpage.  Again, CONGRATULATIONS!

(You can find the reviews in their entirety at


Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat

Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi

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