Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Release Day!

Happy Release Day! Have you checked out what Champagne has for the New Year? Today I present three brand-new, and very awesome, books F.Y.E.

First up:  Never Forgotten by M.W. Davis

After surviving a hit man’s attack, a young woman struggles to solve the mystery of Painters Cliff.
eBook $2.99 available for order on:
Barnes & Noble
Champagne Book Group

Ashley Johnson suffers a near death tragedy at the hands of a hit man, but she survives. Injured and battered, she does her best to recover and find some normalcy in her day to day affairs. But one obstacle gets in her way—she’s forced to mend the broken lives of two people she’s never met and driven to solve a mystery spurred by the first act of young love. In the process, her world becomes entangled by second chances, and confused by baffling leads and dark turns, until she discovers the truth behind what happened at Painters Cliff twelve years ago. The revelations crack her foundation, and finally threaten her very existence until an unseen element steps in.

Next on our list: Unspoken by J.A. Garland

The Unspoken has splintered the silence. There is no more hiding.
eBook $3.95 available for order on:
Champagne Book Group

Paranormal Bounty Hunter Myka Quinn has left her failed attempt at wolf pack life behind. She’s focused on providing for her brother and staying out of werewolf territory. When she’s framed for a witch’s murder, she must accept help from a very unlikely source, or watch the lives of those she loves rip apart.

Finally we have: Truth-Teller Revenge by Kenneth D. Schultz

Can Cary survive his plans to avenge his father’s death, protect his sister and save his civilization?
eBook $4.95 available for order on:
Barnes & Noble
Champagne Book Group

Newly discovered wormhole technology might be the only thing that can divert Cary from avenging the deaths of his loved ones.  But will the new tech that should be the salvation of civilization be its end instead?

When war with an old enemy erupts to control it, Cary and Krin are both caught in the middle. Until Cary sees a chance to end the war while getting revenge on the man responsible for killing his father and his lover. There’s one problem. It’s a suicide mission. When Krin discovers this, she’s determined to use all her emotion-twisting powers to keep him alive.