Friday, June 26, 2009


Michael Davis
Author of the Year, 2008

One recurring question I get from friends and during interviews about my writing is, “On what do you base your stories?” It’s probably not an overstatement to presume that, like me, most writers base their scenes and ideas on things they’ve experienced or seen in their lives. Somewhere between 30% and 50% of the scenes I write come from memories. Perhaps, it’s the one area were getting older gives one an edge. There are so many things we see each day that offer an opportunity to wrap them into our stories.

For example, one day I was watching two young lovers share a soda and burger through the window of a diner. I was sitting outside in my car eating my burger alone (it was one of the many days my wife abandoned me for one of her girl clubs) and I was feeling especially lonely. I had just created a soul searching scene were a man had lost his wife in child birth and was struggling to move on. The polarity between lost love and new love really moved me. So guess what; it became a scene in one of my novels. In another case, I was having my once a week treat of a bacon and egg biscuit (I only allow myself to enjoy one per week), and an usual young lady walked in. She was unusual in her mannerisms, her attire and her shape. She was wearing a purple cowgirl hat, snake skin boots and tight, I mean tightttt, blue jeans. Add to this an exposed midsection that was tiny as hell and blossomed into an oversized pair of hips. As she approached the coffee counter, she swirled her hips and bobbed her head to the country music on the radio. No wonder the store grew silent and all male eyes focused on the mesmerizing motion swing gracefully in a pair of faded jeans.. Well, she just had to be an element to one of my stories. In fact, her part eventually took on sinister proportions. If you open you eyes to what goes on around you each day, combined with all the experiences across your life, the source for characters and scenes in your stories is unlimited.

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  1. Fully enjoyed this post, Michael. It is true, we have to be aware of what is around us, and bring that reality in our work. It is what gives it substance. The way you described that girl... wow! You are such an excellent writer. Felt as if we were right in the midst of the story.