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Savvy Saturday: Pride Month Sale!!!!

~Sale only on the Champagne Books website~

Blood Lovers
$3.99 $1.50
Champagne Bookstore

Abandoned to the streets of London as a teenager by homophobic parents, Tamir is rescued by the one person he needs to survive what he is. Vidar is a rich man, happy to offer the suicidal young man a sanctuary where no one can touch him.

Or so they think.

There is something different about Vidar, something that could mean trouble—or death—for both of them. Vidar is harboring a secret that could destroy both them, and the world of safe havens they've created.
But flourishing in a love born of blood, suicide, hate and abandonment, will Tamir and Vidar's relationship last across their forced separation? Or will their fierce dependency, when combined with the uncontrollable split, send them rocketing on a path that will lead only to their deaths?

Lotus Petals
$4.99 $2.50
Champagne Bookstore

Rhiannon Donovan, daughter to the vampire Queen, would rather die than be made a bride to a demon Lord. Aijyn, courtesan to the undead Daimyo of Kansai, can think of nothing more horrifying than his promise of eternal life. In the halls of the Blood Lotus Temple, the two women struggle against the chains of their fate, and find a solace in each other that could mean freedom for them both... or might cost each of them the ultimate price--their lives.

Saving Tate
$3.99 $1.50
Champagne Bookstore

You’d think that Sheriff John Decker would finally get tired of answering the domestic dispute calls at Tate and Henry’s farmhouse but it seems the only thing that Deck’s tired of is that Tate is in Henry’s bed instead of his own. He’s not happy that Henry keeps using Tate as a punching bag and seeing Tate battered and bruised proves to be more than Deck is willing to handle. Coming out is never easy, but for this Sheriff, it could mean saving more than just Tate.

Dust to Dust
$1.99 $1.00
Champagne Bookstore

Thousands of years ago, the priestess Nysacia was hunted down and killed for being the agent of the dark god, Sutekh. The priest Eteus witnessed her death and swore revenge… before being struck down as well.

As the years pass, the priest returns to the world of the living, awaiting the day the priestess Nysacia would return as well. He assimilates into the modern world, becoming Ethan, trains as an Egyptologist… And is introduced to a Greek woman by the name of Anastatia on the dig to find his lost priestess.

Can Ethan guide the two women he loves through the battles of the modern world, where the myths and the humans entwine? Or will he lose one of them to the curse of a Werewolf, never to see her again?

Ely's Epiphany
$3.99 $1.50
Champagne Bookstore

For Todd Anderson, a West Point graduate from a wealthy family, it was love at first sight. Living with Ely wasn’t easy, but it was the only life for him. When Ely plays too nice, Todd fears his partner—his first and only lover who introduced him to the gay lifestyle and sizzling hot sex—is preparing him for a Christmas breakup. Will this Christmas be their last together?

Ex-Green Beret Ely Locklear survived a childhood filled with poverty and abuse by building a wall around his heart. Although the millionaire mercenary and entrepreneur has a family and partner who love him, the wall and rough edges remain. When his ward’s new Army Ranger husband shows him that loving someone isn’t a weakness, he wonders if it’s too late for a fresh start with his partner.

And many more! Check our website!

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Sneak Peek at Take the Bai Road

~Coming July 5th, 2017~
Preorder now for $3.99

I had just a fraction of a second to recognize the tall, bald technician who’d barred me from re-entering the elevator just minutes ago before he reached his arm back and loosed the knife in his hand, an excellent throw by all measures. I batted the airborne knife away with the hilt of my recovered knife and then threw it at him. I’m far from an edged weapons expert, but it was a pretty good throw, considering. At the very least it forced him to change directions at the last minute and take refuge behind a cubicle wall off to the right, which bought me a few seconds to catch my breath and formulate a strategy.

“You should really be careful playing with knives,” I said, squatting down to pick up the knife he’d thrown at me. It was steel the whole way through, six and a half inches from tip to hilt, give or take. The edge was honed to homicidal sharpness, which was both reassuring and alarming, and the tip was a little bent from where it had hit the metal stairwell door.

I heard rustling from behind the cubicle wall. Whoever he was, he was noisy, which meant no espionage training. Or too little training to have done him much good. He was a blunt instrument, no better than an attack dog left to guard the entrance. All I had to do was lure him with a steak and tie him to a fire hydrant and I’d be home free.

I kept my head down and ghosted up to the edge of the cubicle, which had desks to either side of the thin partition wall. The office chair at my elbow was about right for what I had in mind. I hefted it over my head with my arms and tossed it down into the neighboring cubicle where the knife thrower was hiding. “You could get hurt, buddy.”

The expected crashing sounds ensued, but none of the surprise or hurt sounds I’d wanted to hear. I chanced a quick peek over the edge and saw two overturned office chairs and a mess of paper, but no assailant. I had just enough time to duck before two more knives came zooming toward me to bury themselves hilt-deep in the cubicle wall in front of me.

He followed up his throws by charging me. With too little room to deflect him, I did the best I could to plant my feet and transform his momentum into a backward roll that sent both of us crashing through multiple workspaces. By some fluke of luck or skill, I managed to land with my left shoulder one inch shy of the throwing knives, which was small comfort as I scrambled to get out from underneath him.

He was almost my height, but built along more solid lines than me. What he lacked in my raw good looks, he made up for in heavily muscled arms he brought down to crush my throat.

The ferocity of his attack surprised me. He was either overzealous about protecting his mission or else he’d figured out I was a spy. Both options, however, didn’t seem to account for the vicious pleasure he took in bearing his weight down onto my windpipe.

With one of his knees pinning my ribs down and both hands wrapped around my neck, it didn’t take long for white spots to cloud up the edges of my vision. Blood pulsed in an angry rhythm against my temples as my lungs filled up with a sullen, burning ache. My brain shrieked its need for oxygen and flooded me with life-or-death adrenaline that slammed into my muscles and filled me with the kind of chilling surety and focus I’ve heard of but seldom experienced.

I wrenched my body to the side with my hips, digging in my heels for leverage, and reached back for the knife I’d dodged on my way down. He saw my arm moving and loosened his grip on my throat for just a second so he could reach out to stop me. I sucked in a gasp of air and brought the bent elbow of my other arm crashing into his nose. It broke with a satisfying crunch, and I followed it with a jab to his throat.

Blinded and in pain, he eased up on me for a second. It was all I needed. I yanked the knife out of the cubicle wall beneath me and tried to squirm out from under him. He blinked tears out of his eyes and brought both hands together above his head, set to bring them crashing down on my face.

I held the knife point up just below the bottom of his rib cage and let him impale himself on his downswing.

He shuddered away from me and fell to his side, gasping as his lungs filled up with blood. A little of it dribbled out the corner of his mouth and started soaking into the thin industrial carpet below him.

His last breath was a wheezy, wet-sounding gasp. As I watched, his eyes narrowed in my direction and then relaxed as the hatred in them was replaced by hazy disinterest.

Take the Bai Road

After the events of Bai Tide, CIA case officer Bai Hsu is safely tucked away at Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Bored and frustrated, he’s starting to doubt he’ll ever return to the field until he’s given a difficult new assignment: Track and investigate the mysterious Ghost Cartel, who may or may not already have hooks in our government.

With secrecy of the utmost importance, Bai accepts the mission even though he knows he’ll be out in the cold. With no official cover, no backup, and no resources, Bai has no choice but to infiltrate a shadowy organization few know anything about.

Tangled in a conspiracy that will pit him against warring cartels in Mexico, this is Bai’s most impossible mission to date. It will test him, make him question himself and the organization he works for, and ultimately rip away everything that’s ever mattered to him.

Preorder now at the Champagne Bookstore.

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Savvy Saturday: Teen Quiz with Morwenna from Children of Neptune

Welcome back to Savvy Saturday! Today we have a very special guest here with her author. If you didn’t know yet, author Makenna Snow has her first book, Children of Neptune, coming to your e-reader or bookshelf this July! Makenna has brought one of her characters to chat with us today, Morwenna. Let’s give them both a warm welcome! Ladies, can you tell us a little about yourselves?

Morwenna: Hi Everyone! Makenna is actually the pen name for two sisters (Jill and Jodi) who write YA fiction together. Makenna honors the memory of their grandmothers — bold women with big dreams. Jill and Jodi find inspiration in both contemporary interests, like science and nature conservation, and historical currents, like classical mythology and ancient cultures.

Makenna: Morwenna is a Beta year student at Quadrivium. She was top in her class last year. She will make sure she rises to the top this year too. Morwenna trains and plays hard. Her friends know she’s intense and love her for it. She can be brutally honest, but it’s only because she expects the best.

That's so wonderful! We can't wait for your book to be released. Because this book is set in high school, we decided to take a page of the teen scene and make this interview a teen quiz. Borrowing’s “On a Scale of One to Ariana Grande, How Much of a ‘Dangerous Woman’ Are You?” we are going to have Morwenna answer the questions to find out her “Dangerous Woman” level. Sound like fun Morwenna?

Morwenna: Sounds like something I can easily handle 😉. Let’s do it.

Let’s get started! First question: What do you fear most?
1. Scary movies
2. Spiders
3. Heights
4. Not just spiders—ANY kind of bug

Morwenna: Heights

What crime show would you NOT watch?
1. CSI
2. Law & Order: SVU
3. Bones
4. Criminal Minds

Morwenna: Law & Order: SVU

What monster would you scream at if you saw it IRL?
1. Frankenstein
2. A ghost
3. A vampire
4. A werewolf

Morwenna: A werewolf

What’s one clothing item you’d wear no matter how crazy it may look?
1. Leggings
2. Comfy Shoes
3. A tie-dye dress
4. A neon tank top

Morwenna: A neon tank top

Which theme park is your go-to place?
1. A water park
2. Six Flags
3. The state fair
4. Disney(land or world)

Morwenna: Six Flags

How likely are you to ride a roller coaster?
1. You won’t go on exceptionally high roller coasters, but everything else I fair game
2. You’ll go on any type of ride
3. Maybe 50 percent likely
4. There’s a zero percent chance

Morwenna: I'll try any type of ride

Pick your favorite shot from the “Dangerous Woman” video.

Morwenna: Number 4

Which diva would you do a duet with?
Morwenna: Mariah

Which movie genre do you watch most?
1. Drama
2. Indie
3. Romantic comedies
4. Horror

Morwenna: Horror, definitely.

How adventurous are you really?
1. You are always up for something new
2. You’ll do anything outdoors
3. You hate adventures
4. You go on adventures, but only with friends

Morwenna: I like a new adventure.

That's the last question! Let's see what the quiz says. Your result:

You are definitely an Ariana on the "dangerous woman" scale. You laugh in the face of danger and are a total daredevil. Not only are you fearless when it comes to taking risks, but in relationships, you jump in with both feet from the beginning. You are SO confident in all that you do, so men and women should watch out when you enter the room.

How do you feel about that?

Morwenna: That sounds exactly right!

Lookout for Morwenna in Children of Neptune, to be released July, 2017. Preorder on the CBG website.

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Sneak Peek at July Release Witch on Parole by Kay Latour

Take a sneak peek at the new book, Witch on Parole, coming this July! This is the *almost* finished product, so not only is it a sneak peek, you also get a little insight into the book-building process. Cool, right? Well, without further ado, here is your snippet.

~Coming July, 2017~

The door of the van swung open, and a man stepped out. I stopped jogging the moment I saw him. He walked away from me and went farther down the street. My heart jumped against my ribs. It’s Askell! Or was my mind playing tricks on me? What’s he doing here in Harlow’s Rock? I opened my mouth to call out to him but a red Mustang peeled down the street and distracted me. It parked on the same side of the road and Askell’s twin walked on.

Askell’s twin leaned into the driver’s side door. They looked to be having a conversation. I wanted to see what they were up to but I couldn’t let them catch me staring. I put my index and middle finger on the side of my neck and pretended to take my pulse. Then I raised my left arm in front of my face as if I had a watch on. They wouldn’t be able to see I was pretending. Not from that far away.

Mustang Guy sprang out of his car and beat a path to the trunk. Askell’s twin followed him. Even from this far away I noticed that Mustang Guy had a pale bluish tone to his skin. A vampire. He had brown hair and was tall and thin with a goatee. What’s a vampire doing outside when there’s still light in the sky? Granted, it was dusk, and the sun would be going down soon, but the light should still burn him. If he were a vampire, and he really did look like one, then he must have drunk fairy blood.

Fairy blood was addictive to vampires. It allowed them to go out in the sun for short periods of time. After spending a few centuries in the dark, going out into the sunlight provided a true high. But fairies didn’t just give anything away, they were tricksters by nature. Wheelers and dealers. And they were tough. When you tried to tangle with a fairy you were likely to end up jinxed, poxed, robbed, or dead. Fairy blood was never obtained easily. It could only be bought on the black market. And that meant high priced. This guy is either rich or an addict or both.

Mustang Guy passed something to Askell’s twin. Askell’s twin whirled around and hightailed it back to the van at a clipped pace.

I spun around and bent down to tie my shoelaces. Pretend shoelaces. I had Velcro shoes on, but they wouldn’t know. I could still see them, even with my head bent down. They were upside down, but I had a clear visual. I figured they wouldn’t notice me because I was practicing one of the oldest tricks in the book: hiding in plain sight.

As I watched them, a chill skittered across my skin. I don’t want Askell’s twin to recognize me. Why? I couldn’t tell you. I knew this guy might be the real Askell. And if he was, I should want to see him. Shouldn’t I? I should want to hear him call me Little Bird. Sink into his arms. Kiss his warm lips. But I didn’t.

Within moments, both cars sped away. I jogged back home. It was weird seeing an Askell twin in Harlow’s Rock. Of course, I wasn’t sure it was him. What would he be doing here anyway? Shouldn’t he be somewhere else, stealing something?
By the time I reached home, I had dismissed all thoughts of him. All I thought about was climbing that awesome jungle gym. And how good the shower was going to feel after my workout. How cozy my new powder blue pajamas with the fluffy white clouds would be. How comfortable my soft double bed was. How incredible it was that this was my home. Galeron’s home. Where I was safe and had a good future ahead. 

About the Author

Kay Latour resides in Ottawa – Canada’s capital city – with her Techie Wizard husband and two built-in-alarm-system Chihuahuas. She is a self proclaimed nerd and bookworm. She loves fantasy, paranormal and science fiction stories in book, TV or movie form. She patiently waits for the return of the science fiction series FIREFLY – Browncoats forever!

Early on she discovered that her elementary school library contained amazing books like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales and Greek myths. The stories within spoke of goblins, witches, fairies, deities, giants and all manner of magical folk! Incredible! It struck a spark and stoked her imagination. From that time on she gravitated to any type of fantasy, mythology, science fiction or paranormal books she could get her hands on.

Now that Kay’s two children have reached ‘the age of reason’ she has time to write her own stories.

You can find Kay on her website, Fae and Witches and Ghosts - Oh My!, and soon will find her new book on the CBG website.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Savvy Saturday: Interview with Author Kay Latour

Today on Savvy Saturday we have new author Kay Latour here to answer some questions about her start as a writer! Let's give her a warm welcome to the CBG fold.

1. When and why did you begin writing?

About two years ago when my children reached ‘the age of reason’ I realized that I had the time to write. I had been reading about the craft on and off for several years before that time so I knew what I wanted to do. As I forged ahead I found that creating a story was as much fun as reading a story. Your time is spent in a different world. You think about it. Question it. Answer it. Build it. It’s fun!

2. Tell us your latest news?

I have a new publisher—Champagne Book Group!

3. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I actually look at myself as a storyteller. It’s just you and me talking, maybe having a coffee, and I’m telling you about something that happened to someone I know. And you and I are discussing and feeling what that person went through. We laugh with her. We cry with her. And even when the worst is happening, we hope for the best for her.

4. Do you have a specific writing style?

Not necessarily. I do like to get to the point quickly. I’d rather headline and display the event first and then explain the why of it after.

5. How did you come up with the title?

Witch on Parole basically says it all. I wanted something short and to the point that would convey her situation.

6. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Witch on Parole is about choices and changes and their direct effect on our lives. At any time, we can change our future through choice. That doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes—but we will learn and possibly make better choices with that knowledge. So the question for Bryn was—what do you want your life to be like?

7. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Getting the time to write. My children are grown now so I have more time.

9. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

My sister told me, “you should write”. I guess my love of stories whether in book form, on TV, or at the movies prompted her to encourage me. From there I explored the craft, reading tons of books on writing. Eventually I decided to give it a shot and continuously tried to improve myself at every step of the game. And honestly, I’m not done learning. Each day provides a new opportunity for expression and experience and I believe that is what makes storytelling so fascinating.

10. Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Writing has made me look at the world in a different way. I notice details like smells, sounds, tastes, sights, and touches more than before. It has sharpened my view.

11. Do you have any advice for other writers?
Write that book! Don’t listen to people who put you down for your dream. Their negative view is not about you, it’s about them. Just quietly forge ahead plugging along day after day and before you know it you’re not only there—you’re past there and onto the next thing!

12. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And you’re awesome of course!

13. What inspired you to write your first book?

It was time for me to try something that I’d been thinking about on and off for a long time. The idea that supernaturals could be living among us really appealed to me. And from there I started to ask questions. Where would they live? How would they be governed? What conflicts would they have with each other and humans?

14. Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Right now I am working on book three in the ‘Witch on Parole’ series. Bryn continues to grow and make changes as she gathers knowledge and directs her life path. There will be mistakes and challenges but that is how life goes. And we will share those moments with her.

15. Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
No. It’s completely made up from a list of answers to a bunch of ‘What if?’ questions. That’s how I usually brainstorm for each book. Often I’ve created characters and events that never make it into the actual book. Then I start looking for a theme. And I direct my new list of ‘What if’s?’ toward that theme.

For example:

Book one is about choices and changes and how they affect our life path. There is no wrong or right about it. It’s all experience. And from that experience we make new choices that lead to new changes. After being incarcerated Bryn takes a good look at her life and how up until now she let others choose her path.

Book two is about lies and control. White lies are often told to make others feel better. Gray area lies are told to get out of trouble. And big ol’ fat lies are told to manipulate and lay blame. While wearing a ‘sunstone truth detector’ gemstone Bryn awareness of the amount of lying people do in daily life is sharpened. 

About the Author

Kay Latour resides in Ottawa – Canada’s capital city – with her Techie Wizard husband and two built-in-alarm-system Chihuahuas. She is a self proclaimed nerd and bookworm. She loves fantasy, paranormal and science fiction stories in book, TV or movie form. She patiently waits for the return of the science fiction series FIREFLY – Browncoats forever!

Early on she discovered that her elementary school library contained amazing books like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales and Greek myths. The stories within spoke of goblins, witches, fairies, deities, giants and all manner of magical folk! Incredible! It struck a spark and stoked her imagination. From that time on she gravitated to any type of fantasy, mythology, science fiction or paranormal books she could get her hands on.

Now that Kay’s two children have reached ‘the age of reason’ she has time to write her own stories.

You can find Kay on her website, Fae and Witches and Ghosts - Oh My!, and soon will find her new book on the CBG website.

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It's been awhile, but we are having a multi-platform contest! This one is easy. We need twelve readers (no CBG authors, sorry guys!) to tell me what Champagne Book they would most like to read on the beach and why. A lucky two of the twelve will win their choice of book! All twelve will be featured on Savvy Saturday on the CBG blog in a special Reader's Choice edition. Comment on this post to enter, or check out the Facebook Group Page. Contest ends Thursday June 29th at midnight or whenever we receive twelve entries. You can find all of the CBG books here:

Savvy Saturday: Rom-Coms for the Beach

Love a good romance? Love it more with a bit of humor? Check out these six great rom-coms that you need for those lazy days on the beach or by the pool.

Braless in the Buick

Allie Stephenson is starting over. After years of trying to make her marriage work, she’s single and settling down in the suburbs with her son, M. J. Unfortunately for her, other forces have decided that it is just the right time for a man to slip into her life, home, and heart.

When Jake Donally moves into the neighborhood, the ladies all take notice. So far, he’s kept a low profile. However, that all changes when Allie breaks his Bonsai, and the wall he built around his heart, come tumbling down. Unfortunately, Jake is not all that he seems, and he’s been looking for a chance to get to know Allie much better.

Available for $2.99 on Amazon, Kobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

Confessions of The Sausage Queen

Bill Ludowski, owner of Kassenburg’s largest employer - Bill’s Big and Tasty Sausage- dies whilst he and Mandy Minhouser’s grandmother Lila Rose were doing their best Adam and Eve imitation under the hydrangea bushes. That Gran and Big Bill had an affair that began around the same time as World War II is a secret that everyone in town knows. But a new secret is about to be revealed. Big Bill has bequeathed the sausage factory to Lila, with Mandy as CEO.

Mandy doesn’t know squat about the sausage biz and Bill’s grandson Hughes, the factory’s CFO, does everything in his power to close the Big and Tasty. But Mandy has the one thing that Hughes doesn’t-- family and friends willing to put themselves on the line to save the factory. With hope, faith and a whole lot of luck, Mandy and company might manage to do just that.

Available for $4.95 on Amazon, Kobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

Getting Over It

Dumped by her long time lover while on a romantic getaway to Paris, Abby Fulton figures she’s had about enough heartache in her life. When a sexy seatmate on her long flight home takes an interest and offers some carnal diversions, a few naughty moments might be just what she needs to bolster the ole ego.

Prince Willem of Ragnovia loves being a playboy and when opportunity knocks for a little mile-high fun, he jumps at the chance. When fate turns in his favor and delivers the airline cutie right into his arms, a seductive game of cat and mouse is on.

Can Abby resist the charms of the handsome prince, or will she end up as another notch on his royal belt?

Available for $2.99 on Amazon, Kobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

Kiss Me

Running late for her spoiled stepsister’s bachelorette party, Lacy Goodlow is forced to speed—snagging a hefty traffic ticket and the interest of Officer Jared Kelly. Their paths collide again in the middle of the bachelorette party when Lacy plays an embarrassing game of Fact or Fun and she hands him a napkin that simply says Kiss Me. A full-blown attraction takes off, but so does conflict once it’s revealed that Jared and Lacy’s stepsister, Angela, had a tumultuous fling and she still claims territorial rights.

Available for $3.99 on Amazon, Kobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

Romeo's Dead but Juliet Faked It

While landscaping, Gretchen Parks, a descendent of a powerful witch queen, uncovers a vampire in her backyard. Time’s are tough and she filches treasure from his staked skeleton, unaware she’s just broken her ancestor’s curse. Once awake, suave Frenchman Jean sets his sights on Gretchen. His belle laide, beautiful ugly woman, is far from being a romantic. Convincing a jaded middle-aged woman that she’s still smoking is tough work, but turning her into a vampire hottie may get him staked. Toss in a coven of goddess-worshipping witches and a pack of supernatural wolves and watch this cheery town squirm like a chemical-soaked ant hill.

Can’t witches, goddesses, vampires, and townsfolk all get along? Apparently not in this memorable tale of how matches not made in Heaven sometimes work and why walking in the woods at night is ill-advised (unless you want to catch your neighbors dancing naked in the moonlight).

Available for $1.99 on Amazon, Kobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

The P-Town Queen

Nikki Silva thinks she’s blown up her life. Divorced, funding for her shark research cut off, she’s moved back to Provincetown to live with her father. Nikki’s written a grant proposal funded by a commission run by her ex-husband Ned, who would rather not give money to his ex-wife.

Marco Tornetti wants to turn a Newark spaghetti joint into a trendy bistro. His silent partner, Fat Phil Lagosa, wants to use the place to solicit questionable business deals. When Fat Phil turns on Marco and has him marked for a hit, Marco knows he’s in too deep.

Marco escapes the hit man and takes the first bus out of the city. Marco figures that Phil would never look for him in Provincetown‘s gay community. But when he meets Nikki, he finds that pretending to be gay isn’t as easy as it would seem.

Available for $3.99 on Amazon, Kobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

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Tattle and Wrye column June 2017 edition



"Ahhh chooo." Tattle blows her nose loudly. "Summer colds are just not fun.
"That's why you should catch them in the winter!" Wrye does a two-step and ends with a, "Tada!"
"Not funny."
"Then how about, why did the cheerleader put extra salt on her food in the summer? She wanted to do summer salts!"
"We are not here to tell jokes."
"Yes, I am, I am the MC for announcing the finalist for the Tattle and Wrye Awesome Book Cover Awards."
"This is serious." Sneezes. "The artists worked very hard on their covers." Sneeze. "And it was very difficult to choose the finalist." Sneeze. Blow. "Got it?"
Wrye hands Tattle one tissue after another. "Bless you."
Tattle nods a thank you, and then clears her throat.  "It is our honor to announce the finalist for this prestigious award. Every cover was eye-catching and appealing. CBG has fantastic artists, which made it nearly impossible to decide. So, we came up with criteria and a points system to be as fair as possible."
Wyre grins, mouthing, "All my idea."
"Ok... Ok... Yes... All Mister Logical's idea."
Wrye pulls out a white board and writes all the criteria on it to share with the readers. Tattle taps her foot as he painstakingly makes it appear as if typed.


Attention grabber
Artistic talent
Conveys intrigue
Captures the book's intent
Excellent use of color
Emotionally provocative
Shows masculine strength
Creates a sense of romance
Use of Fonts
Ratio of author to title

"Now, finally," announces Tattle, "our finalist!
A Wicked Truth - Cover Art by Ellie Smith
Untamed - Cover Art by Staci Perkins
Traitor Knight - Cover Art by Trisha FitzGerald
Home World - Cover Art  by Ellie Smith
Imagine - Cover Art by Trisha FitzGerald
Absence of Light - Cover Art by Ellie Smith

We congratulate each and every one, and we are totally amazed by your talent.  The winner will be announced in July along with the winner of the Tattle and Wrye Book Award.

Until next month, keep reading!

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat

Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi

Books by: Angelica Hart and Zi
Books by: Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane