Friday, June 12, 2009

Thoughts on courting with Zi

I see courting as a balance between seduction, flirting and intrigue washed with honesty, humor and reality, all designed to impress another to be moved toward desiring to share their time, a simplistic definition for a complex process. A process that has spanned all human and animal history. The pull of Yin and Yang to complete each other. A genetic pre-disposition to mate... to couple... to find a partner. Man and woman are different, capable of co-existing independently but quietly needing the other... wanting the other.

Yes, I agree each can stand alone. Yes, each can requite their goals... though I see that there might be a hollowness or emptiness, being alone. Look deep down in to our soul to a place hidden by rationalizations and you might see a desire to have someone special in your life. You might reveal a want to share. A need to protect as well as being so... A yen for intimacy... a passion to be vulnerable, knowing that expressing that vulnerability requires trust and that trust lets you be closer to the person you really are...

no games...

no shams...

no manipulations.


Angelica Hart and Zi
Killer Dolls ~ September 2009
Snake Dance ~ February 2010
Champagne Books


  1. Life would be so dull without relationships, the thrill of the courting dance.

  2. This is very true, and what joy to be able to revisit that dance with each new novel.