Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Journey of PLANET by January Bain

Rejuvenation Therapy in the 27th Century

How best to explain this new rejuvenation process that humans are party to in the 27th century?

I’ve written the following words about it:

But it had happened, and before their first rejuvenation therapy cloning as a couple which meant the imbedded memory was unable to be shaken for all future reincarnations. Living forever was a blessing and a curse, he knew firsthand, having been through this “reincarnation” process a handful of times, thanks to the stem cell therapy serum developed by the Rejuvenation Institute. And now they’d finally had a second daughter, a first-timer, and the only child allowed once per all their entire reincarnations on Earth, no matter how much money they had, was about to turn the age of majority in a few days and her presence had entirely gave the two of them everything to live for. She was their ray of hope.

I wish I had been born at this time so that my husband and I could live forever together…

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Journey of PLANET by January Bain


2700AD: For the purposes of our story, cloning has created a kind of immortality for mankind. Writing vampire novels has twigged me to this idea. With medical scientific advancements, why not?! But then the quandary is, do you keep all your memories as a human being from each reincarnation, so to speak? Or, more importantly, do you want to? But I’m assuming for our purposes you will have no choice in that. Each lifetime you have lived as a biological being will be added to your current lifetime within your younger body. Sounds heavenly, eh! We all have virtual immortality pretty much at the present time if we care to leave our avatar (after death) out there on the internet. Some want to take it to the next level and call them intellitars. But this takes it to wondrous heights. I feel like I’m creating a future Utopia in PLANET…

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Journey of PLANET by January Bain

The Movie In Your Head

If writing fiction is akin to showing someone the movie you are watching in your head, then you need to transfer the character’s experiences to the reader by way of sight, sound, smell and sensation.

PLANET’s setting will be Earth, seven millenniums into the future. Because I can never actually go there, I will have to create the setting in my mind before I can “transfer” it to others. This is an exciting and daunting task. No one can know how far mankind will have come. You can only consider people hope to see in the future, though history has so often proved them wrong. The courage is in the trying, I believe.

What kinds of housing will humans inhabit, what foods will they consume, and what clothes will they wear? What won’t be available, is a big question. Will “peak oil” be so on the downward slope that nothing is created from petroleum anymore? Huge considerations.

How far do you think humans will have come?