Tuesday, April 5, 2016

UNBALANCED by Courtney Shepherd BOOK VIRAL Review

An exciting and stylish paranormal fantasy debut, Unbalanced by author Courtney Shepard certainly taps into the deepest reaches of the imagination, taking us on an unfamiliar journey that gradually becomes more and more real. As much a coming of age story as it is paranormal fantasy, how Asha changes and matures is an intriguing part of the novel whilst Shepard’s adherence to a gritty and believable story world helps emphasize this theme. With an upbeat narrative and impressive plot it’s one of those novels that pays tribute to the reader instead of the author with Shepard intent on giving her readers what they most want. There’s burgeoning romance, bravery, tragedy, intrigue, and most of all, the rite of passage as destiny beckons and alliances are built. These alone are reasons to pick up a copy and start reading, whilst the promise of an epic saga in the making will leave many readers hoping there is much more to come.

Sure to sate the reading appetites of the most demanding paranormal fantasy fans, Unbalanced is strongly recommended.

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