Saturday, April 2, 2016

Savvy Saturday: Interview with Shiela Stewart

Today on Savvy Saturday, Shiela Stewart is back. She has a new book, Embracing the Darkness, being released on Monday, and we thought it would be great to get to know a little bit more about Shiela as a writer. 

So Shiela, you have a new book coming out. Are you excited?
I’m always excited. This isn’t a new new book, it’s a republished book (s) The Darkness has been out before, but when the publisher closed, I knew I couldn’t let it be the end of the series. There are eight books in the series and right now there are two books out and the third one is due out in a few weeks. All of the books are basically the same except for the sixth. The reviews for it the first time around weren’t favorable so I decided to rewrite most of it. I hope this one is better liked.

We want to learn a little bit more about you. What got you into writing?

I’ve always been a story teller and when I was ten I started writing little stories. When I was fifteen, I wrote a short play for my sister's drama class. That is what really set me going. To date, I have fifty written manuscripts which are sitting in a box in my office. I go through them from time to time and have yet to decide which ones I want to fix up and publish.

What’s your favorite writing guilty pleasure?

Pop. I feel off if I don’t have a can or glass of pepsi or a slurpee at my side.

I know this is a hard question, but who is your favorite character to write?
It's like asking me who my favorite child is. LOL But if I had to choose one it would be Victor Davis from my Passion series which is no longer in publication. He’s a sheriff in a small town running from his past. He’s a complete dreamboat and he knows it. He loves the ladies. He’s passionate about his work and despite looking like an angel, he has a devilish side.

Do you have any tips for other budding writers?

Don’t give up. Writing is tough and the business is hard, but if you have a dream and are passionate about your work, don’t let anything stand in your way. Also, edit, edit, edit before submitting.

Raised on a rural farm in Saskatchewan, Shiela Stewart relied on her vivid imagination to fill her days. Never did she realize that her need to tell a story would someday lead to becoming a published romance author. In the fall of two thousand and six, Shiela published her very first book and hasn't stopped since. You can find out more about Shiela at

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