Saturday, February 8, 2014

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Review: Sugar Babies by Mickey J. Corrigan

Review: Sugar Babies by Mickey J. CorriganTitle: A Sip Of You 
by Sorcha Grace
A sugar daddy can make your money woes disappear overnight. But for sugar babies, life is like a chocolate covered time bomb: sweet on the outside, deadly on the inside.  Young, beautiful, and hungry, Maire, Esme and Niki want what every woman wants: love, work, safe shelter, the bills paid off, a diamond-studded Rolex, and a two-bedroom condo with an ocean view. Working as sugar babies seems to be the only way to make this happen. But the sugar life is more dangerous than they thought.

Maire O’Rourke is too hot to handle herself properly. She tends to wear too tight clothes and too much make-up, but she’s got more than sex on her mind. She’s already landed one of the richest sugar daddies in Coconut City, a tropical paradise boasting more lonely men per multimillion dollar estate than just about anywhere else.  Sweet Esme Grant is a buxom blonde with a rough and tumble lover she’s left behind somewhere in hill country. She’s come to Coconut City in order to find herself a sugar daddy, a rich older man willing to fund her, along with her hometown boyfriend and their Mayberry-gone-bad dreams.

Niki Stephanopoulos, a dark, iconoclastic artist enrolled in a teaching certification program at Coconut College, struggles with depression fueled by guilt. She is embarrassed by her dependence on her family for the money she needs to survive. But she feels even worse after sleeping with her sexy, much older landlord when she’s short the rent.  Welcome to the secret lives of sugar babies. On the first day of the month, Maire, Esme and Niki struggle with overdue bills and sexy beaus. Readers can join them as they figure out ways to pay the rent, make decent love to indecent men, and stay upright on the rough road to happiness. Sugar Babies is a modern-day romance, a blue martini with a nasty twist. An intoxicating mystery steeped in social satire, the story of Esme, Niki and Maire is an all-American morality tale.

MINI REVIEW: When I was given the chance to read Sugar Babies I wasn't sure what to expect. The book title didn't necessarily give me a great impression but after reading the synopsis I was sold. Sugar Babies is a very different kind of read, one that will open up your mind to a world we know of but that we haven’t necessarily pay much attention to or heard much of.
This story starts a bit slow but then it catch up to an entertaining and well researched plot that will leave you wondering and guessing. I enjoyed the book because the characters felt like every day people, touching a dark subject and the hard reality of these women. Esme, Marie & Niki are all looking for a way out of their misery, a way to improve and live the life they always wanted. They all want to leave behind terrible times, sad times and embark into a life that promises change, prosperity and better times, however the reality is that not always life is pink and smell of flowers.
Sugar Babies keeps the reader guessing, a game of who will be happy and who will succeeded. I liked the plot, the characters and the sad reality behind every page, I recommend it if you want a very different book that involves sex, love, passion and suspense. Who is going to be happy, who will be successful who will end up dead? If you want to find out you must read Sugar Babies.

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