Saturday, February 8, 2014

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A Dangerous Dance by Jude Johnson

A Dangerous Dance is an exhilarating read taking this reader into the life of Maggie, who is at a standstill in her marriage. A life where her husband could almost be referred to as abusive without any beatings. This reader could sympathize in all her actions, and her desires to be able to change to something that would make her life more fulfilled.Jude Johnson really reaches deep into the heart to pen a story that touches upon a reader. The characters were relatable, the dialogue was spot on, and each of them are drafted well to allow the reader to interact with them. Indeed a story that is well worth the read.

Genre: Contemporary
Published by: Champagne Books

Total Score: 50/50

Intro: 5Characters: 5
Plot: 5Setting: 5
Relationship: 5Dialogue: 5
Synopsis: 5Pacing: 5
Conflict: 5Mechanics: 5

Maggie Pearce feels trapped in her loveless marriage to a Scottsdale stock broker. English actor and heartthrob John Harrison’s relationship with his bombshell costar isn’t everything it seems. When Maggie and John meet, sparks fly and desires ignite—but their attraction could destroy everything they’ve worked for. Is a love that appears to be destiny worth the hell they’d have to pay?
©Champagne Books

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