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hitchhiker ecoverTitle: Hitchhiker
Author: Audra Middleton
Genre: Humorous Paranormal Thriller
Length: 178 pages approx
Publisher: Burst Books ( a division of Champagne Books)
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Supernatural abilities haunt her. Brainiac students taunt her. The FBI “Freak Squad” wants her. Will she abandon her extra sensory talents in favor of freedom, or will she hone them to help catch crooks?
Former army brat, Ainsley Benton, may have finally found her place in this world, and it’s among the freaks. This small town art teacher has the ability to see, hear, and feel what other people are experiencing, and now the FBI’s freak squad wants to use her “human bug” abilities to catch bad guys. Despite her fear of commitment, failure, and responsibility, Ainsley temporarily agrees to join this team of misfits, and ends up risking her life to investigate a conspiracy that may only be one of her schizophrenic coworker’s paranoid delusions.
When I started reading this I was in two minds whether I was going to enjoy it or not. Ainsley is a school teacher with a supernatural ability in the form of having the Hitchhiker gene although at that moment she knows something is not right but doesn’t know exactly what it is. There is a blood drive at the school and she donates some of her blood, what she doesn’t realise is that her blood is screened and the FBI ‘freak squad’ know all about the hitchhiker gene and asks her to see them.
Her world from there is turned upside down. The hitchhiker gene allows her to hitchhike into someone else’s body, seeing through their eyes’ just by a small transfer of blood and she is now working with the freak squad which consists of people talking to dead people, a schizophrenic  who has hallucinations and other equally as freaky people. Ainsley seems to be fitting in quite well though.
One of the other people working for the squads friends daughter is dead and leaves a trail that must be followed up on but it is dangerous. Can they find out who the killer is? why he killed her?  There are other cases in with Ainsley works on and finds it quite difficult when she experiences her first hitchhiking disaster.
With suspense,  romance, supernatural and thriller qualities this turned out to be a brilliant book to read. I felt I got to know all of the characters pretty well from how the author wrote about them. I particularly liked Dylan and Jack.
It was well written and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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