Saturday, February 8, 2014

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A Taste of Evil by Christina Carlisle

A Taste of Evil is a spellbinding read. The storyline is intense, and Julia is remarkable in all her actions, as someone experiencing something in the afterlife experience. This reader enjoyed all the visual effects in the book. It was as if watching it on a big screen, the intensity of the surroundings could be felt and heard. Christina Carlisle composes a thriller that is edge of the seat suspenseful. The writing is tight, the expressions so full blown, especially when it comes to Julia facing the ones that don’t see her. The secondary characters indeed acted out their parts wonderfully. This reader cannot say enough about this positively absorbing read.

Genre: Contemporary
Published by: Champagne Books

Total Score: 50/50 +RR

Intro: 5Characters: 5
Plot: 5Setting: 5
Relationship: 5Dialogue: 5
Synopsis: 5Pacing: 5
Conflict: 5Mechanics: 5

Famous novelist Julia Raymond is found brutally murdered in the grounds of her estate in the English Lake District. Her death throws suspicion on her husband and sister, both of whom have reasons to want Julia dead.
The discovery of another vicious murder of a woman in nearby woods terrifies the close-knit community and police suspect the work of a serial killer who appears to be obsessed with Julia.
Unable to leave the scene of her crime, Julia’s spirit watches as the police investigation gradually reveals her family’s terrible secrets.

©Champagne Books

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