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Picking up her head from the computer, Tattle gets Wrye’s attention by tossing a kitty cat eraser at him. “To quote Robin Williams, Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”

He catches the offering and stacks it atop his growing collection of oddities that Tattle has flung his way. Why she just doesn’t call him by name to get his attention is one of those mysteries Wrye has declined to unravel. “Is that your way of saying let’s indulge in a Love of Literature Leap?”

“You know me so well.” Standing, she swooshes her hand through the air in an elegant gesture, “After you.”

“Do you hear that?”

Wrye inclines his head, “A car crash?”

“No, music…like eerie music…like demons jamming with cobwebbed flutes.”

Wrye points to the replica of a demonic creature on the gate post, “That is stirring your imagination, m’scaredy Tattle cat.”

“Maaaaybe,” Penza Dona Tattle agrees, passing through the gate with Wrye on her heels, “After all, according to Special Agent Jason Tregarth, that’s the image of a lesser god of evil from ancient times.”

“And brings us right into the spirit of Book 1 of The Dagon House Series, TAKEN IN, by Jane Toombs, a contemporary paranormal.”

Once in the house, Tattle pokes around the like a spy on an urgent caper. “Speaking of spirit…make that plural, Dragon House boosts many, and Gail Sarandon becomes the catalyst to awaken those intent on revenge.”

“Actually, m’spooked friend, it isn’t her but the murderer.” Wrye runs his finger along the lines of a paragraph, and says. “Gail witnessed a murder, and the killer is now after her. It’s the murderer that rouses the ghosts and their nasty temperaments.”

“Oh, so that’s where Jason, our special agent comes in….”

“While she was running from the scene, it was Jason to the rescue, but a car crash brings them to Dragon House, where ghouls and secrets and vengeance reside.”

Hands fly to Tattle’s cheeks. “Oh my!”

“Add the hidden agendas and secrets of the house and its inhabitants and well…our hero and heroine find themselves in more dire straits than a simple killer can present.”

“Me thinks it is time for low lights, stormy skies and a good book like this to whittle away the eve.”

“Sounds like a ghoulish plan to moi!”

“But first….” They leap once more.

“Ut oh!” Tattle exclaims as they appear CC Kaufman’s THE INVITATION, a Carnal Passions contemporary erotica. “We popped into prrrivate time!”

Eyes wide and appreciative, Wrye grins, “Yup! It seems this little lady wants to do a little strip for Clarke.”

“Tsk…tsk, Mister Peeping-Wyre Balderdash!” Tattle lightly smacks his shoulder and turns him in the opposition direction. “This is personal, between Clarke and the woman.”

Wyre does his familiar shaggy brow lift. “And, of course, the reader! We’re readers,” he adds hopefully.

“That we are m’voyeur, but at the moment we are just snoopin’, and with the three Hs dancing around Clarke like a sizzling tango, this hero is truly fun to check out.”

“Clarke…Clarke…” Wrye adopts a thinking expression. “Ah, yes, the dreamer…the seeker…the….” Wrye pauses, “three Hs?

“Hot, handsome and hornnnnny!” Tattle exclaims, drawing the last word out as if savoring it. “Those fine qualities help him in his endeavor to find the lady of his dreams, but unfortunately, the dream is as elusive as trying to catch quicksilver with your fingers, for his dream keeps changing...until…” she pauses, and then offers, “Da…da…da…daaaaaa…until he meets Michelangela.”

“Alas, she is such stuff as dreams are made of,” Wrye poses like a Shakespearean actor.

“Perchance to dream but it may not be enough, for as much as he longs to lure her heart, he might be stunned by what he discovered.”

“Things are never as they seem.”

“So off with you and read, to be or not to be Clarke’s advocate in his pursuit of his dream.”

Wrye bows, altering another of the Barb’s quotes, “We go, and it is done; another book invites me.”

Visiting with these characters has been such fun. Come and join us next month when we change things up a bit. We will be gossiping about one of Champagne Books most prolific authors, ALLISON KNIGHT, her characters, her muse, and her historical stories, that are unforgettable.
Happy Spring!

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq.
and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat

Created and written by
Angelica Hart and Zi

CHRISTMAS EVE...VIL ~ Christmas 2012

Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane

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