Friday, March 16, 2012

Epicon, Day 1

So I am in beautiful San Antonio, Texas for my first ever Epicon, which is the annual convention put on by my digital publishing organization. Epic, which has been around for over ten years now, is a must for any author, editor, artist, publisher or other interested party, who is involved in digital publishing.

Anyway, staying at the Menger Hotel, which is a beautiful facility. It's very old and boasts a long history, right down to a bunch of resident ghosts who still call the hotel home. Go ahead and do a Google search. It's fascinating reading.

So far, I'm loving the conference. It isn't huge this year, likely because of the switch in venues, but you know, that's just adding to the charm of this whole experience. I'm meeting some very nice people, getting to talk face to face with some publisher colleagues that I've only talked to via email, and enjoyed some interesting workshops.

One of the highlights so far, is meeting Betty K (don't make me try and spell her last name, can't do it!), who is the president of Epic. She is so friendly and personable, and it's truly nice to have some on so excited about Epic and the future of digital publishing at the helm. Do you know, that of all the conferences and conventions I've been to over the last few years, she is the ONLY one who took the time to email me prior to the start of the con, to check and make sure I had my room taken care of and that travel plans were in order? I thought that was very nice, and it bumped up my opinion of her and her board immensely.

Attended a fascinating lecture by LTC (retired) David Blain, who discussed US military history. Learned a bunch of stuff not in the history books, plus a lot of other things that I'd never know. Didn't know that a submarine is called a 'boat', and not a ship. Heck, didn't ever think of calling it a boat, since it goes underwater! But there you have it.

Another really good workshop that will stick with me for a while was Marilyn Meredith's discussion on blogging and blog tours. It put a lot of food for thought into my already over stuffed brain! Yes, I know, my authors are cringing already, wondering what I'll have in store for them next. But that's for another day. I'll let them sweat a day or two.

Speaking of sweating, this poor Canadian gal is sweltering down here in the heat and humidity! I expected it to be warm but I didn't expect temperatures in the high 20's. (celcius). It's warm but I'm coping.

Lastly, we had a beautiful river cruise in the late afternoon. The cruise wound around about a 4 km route of beautiful bridges, fountains and historic buildings. And our guide was extremely knowledgable and could point out all sorts of interesting things. He even showed us where they have the river boat driver Olympics each year. I can't imagine trying to move a beach ball through a small area with a big-assed boat, but apparently it can be done! All in all, a very nice tour at the end of a busy day.

I'll try and post again tomorrow night, but no promises. Big night tomorrow with the ebook awards dinner and ceremony.

'Til next time,



  1. Could be worse with those least it's "spring" and not summer, when the temps get into the high 30s and 40s (C). ;-)

  2. Absolutely! I think it's the humidity that I'm not used to. I'm not complaining too much though, it is beautiful and such a change from the weather in Calgary right now.


  3. Just think, Ellen, you don't have to haul a heavy coat, snowshoes, or gloves. ;-) The humidity bothers me when I go other places, too. We desert lizards like the hot and dry.

    Congratulations to Champagne Author Linda Rettstat on winning the Epic Award for Mainstream Novel. You must be rather proud.