Sunday, March 25, 2012


"Forever Just Got Longer."

Unable to resist the lure of finding her niece, Josie picks up the crumbs of clues left behind. With her old friend and savior, pod-hunter Quin Aguilar at her side, she seeks out Fern Bettencourt who is assumed to be sleeping for over a hundred years.

From an unlikely source, Fern’s location is discovered, and together with her husband, Josie seeks out her last link to her past. Will Fern want to be found? And will finding Fern be enough to bury the ghosts that haunt Josie? Can Josie bring herself to destroy her last remaining family in order to save herself?

The Eternal Knot, the final chapter in the Lancaster trilogy. Will Josie finally rest in peace in the new future she lives in?


John Lancaster wondered, for the umpteenth time, what to get his wife for her birthday.

He’d known her for two years. In those two years, the only thing she’d ever asked for was the tattoo that adorned both their fingers instead of traditional wedding rings. This did not mean that she didn’t want a present, not in the least. In the two years he’d known her, he’d learned the subtle art of surviving marriage—and a woman’s mind—like his life depended on it.

The first time he’d met her, it had been her birthday. She was a prisoner, accused of being a terrorist. Granted, she’d been his prisoner and he’d been doing the accusing, but that was beside the point.

Now she was his wife and his life had changed forever. To envision a life without her in it was impossible. Josie was indelibly linked to him, it seemed their paths were destined to cross. He smiled as he remembered her when they had first met. Scared yet wilfully arrogant, and the profanity that flew out of her mouth was shockingly refreshing.

Reeling his mind back to the present, he considered her again. While her tastes and preferences were very simple and relatively undemanding, he still wanted to get her something very special. In a few days, she’d be looking for a gift—and pretending very hard not to—and he still had no clue what to get. There would be a very long face at the end of it.


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