Saturday, February 5, 2011


Julie Eberhart Painter is the Champagne Books author of Mortal Coil, in which she practices both medicine and law without licenses, and Tangled Web, a story close to her heart.

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Poetry through Osmosis

By Julie Eberhart Painter

The ductless vessel sends its rich, re-nourished fare
to those receptive hearts,
past mind, past reason; no thought need attend
that transcendental episode that never ends.

Peerless Love

By Julie Eberhart Painter

Exempt from mortal boundaries, love empowers
imparting heart to heart this charge:
Hold loosely in a gentle palm,
beloved and solemn as a psalm.

Julie Eberhart Painter


By Julie Eberhart Painter

You came to me on wounded wings of gray
when summer seared our mutual bond of clay.
Your jet took light, then white climbed unafraid,
gained height to pinnacles I'd not attained.

Go write your sagas and your epic histories.
Employ the learned, ingenious arts held deep in mystery.
Observe the world though re birthed eyes,
and climb beyond my distant skies,
beyond my reach and knowledge long forgot.

You need me not, as you are now aware.
I leave you softly as a zephyr's sigh,
and come again in spring's Jedi.
For I am here, will always be,
and each year will return most tenderly.

Haiku for a Sick Friend

By Julie Eberhart Painter

Cherishing with
Band-Aids of


By Julie Eberhart Painter

A slow Aha-ah@ laughed from your chest.
A satisfied sound made after climbing three flights,
knowing at last I’m on the right floor,
the right place.

I can’t believe it.

You called. I want to live!

Childhood blends.
Years disintegrate. Memory sharpens.

You are me; I you.
You are life, my youth.

When I’m with you, I love myself.
All my envelopes are open.

I will bind up my love when the end nears.
For now, I want to live.


  1. Very nice poetry, I especially liked Goodbye:)

  2. This is the sort of poetry that gets into your soul and stays there. Thanks for sharing the poet of you.

  3. Nice to have some poetry, Julie. I too especially liked 'Goodbye' - and the Haiku.