Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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Thank you for allowing us to poke and you a few questions. We're certain the readers are anxious to see the face behind THE LANCASTER RULE TRILOGY.

A and Zi: To begin, what is the funniest incident you ever had that has to do with your writing?

T. K. : So far to date, nothing funny has occurred but I have borrowed some "mild" moments to incorporate into my books. Usually character traits that I think are funny and normal human behaviour.

A and Zi: If you were to spend a year at sea, and one of your characters could come to life and join you, who would he/she be, and why?

T. K. : Well, so long as I'm not barfing my guts out, and they're not too put off by a green-hued woman with puke stains, well, it would have to be the hero in the book. Duhh, who else, right?

A and Zi: Great response! Seasick, eh? Anywho, have you had any pets in your novels? Or - Do you plan on having any pets in your novels? Or - Would you rather be a cat or a dog and why?

T. K. : I've had two pets written into my trilogy. A dog called Fluffy, and a mangy, flea-bitten cat called Hissy.

A and Zi: You just gotta luv those names! Now, tell us, which superhero would you like to be?

T. K. :The Invisible, come on!! Who would miss (pardon the pun) out on being invisible. Can you imagine the stuff you can get away with? Oh, the possibilities!!

A and Zi: (A tells Zi to stop grinning like the cat who outwitted the bulldog.) What makes you laugh, slapstick or droll humor?

T. K. : Haha! Humour in general makes me laugh, and yes, I've lots of humour in the books. Personally, I like droll humour. Never really been a fan of slapstick.

A and Zi: Finally, and most important of all, what is your favorite pasta and sauce?

T. K. :Mmmm....uh, where to start. Cream sauces, with heaping amounts of cheese. And as for pasta, well, all of them?

A and Zi: Again, thank you for seeing a glimpse into the real T.K. So, anyone ready for lunch? Think we'll have pasta!


  1. the pet names Fluffy and Hissy.....

    I too am a fan of cream sauce with cheese and any kind of pasta...yum!

    Love the cover to The Lancaster Rule!

  2. Thanks Maria. And the credit for the cover really goes to Amanda Kelsey, who does a lot of amazing covers for Champagne. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I think I'll have some of TK's pasta and a martini please! Love your interview honey!

  4. Thanks Tami!! Martinis go well with everything!

  5. Pasta Rule(s).

    Good interview. You are certainly a person I'd like to know better, and we are getting to do that through your writing.


  6. Thanks Julie. And yes we are! Thanks for stopping by.