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On the southern fringes of the Mendip Hills sits the Castle Hamingjur, an abandoned structure most fear haunted. Yet, on the rare occasions when the Hunter’s Blue Moon occurs, the Keeper occupies this mysterious castle where he guards the bridge to Alfheim Haven.

Noreen Willshire discovers more than fairytales hidden between the pages of Beletania’s diary. She opens the ancient book and finds a pathway to a Faery Realm where all manner of mythical creatures reside. In her naïveté, she summons the Keeper before his scheduled time in the human realm. In that brief moment, the mysterious wizard touches her soul with more than magick. She promises to return the diary during Mefylleth, a time when the barriers between the two realms melt away, but danger stalks her path. Torn between her desire to make a new life for herself in America and her growing love for the Keeper, she must bridge the gap between magick and time to follow her heart.

“Oh. But why... ?”

“Why did she seek you out?” Vin let go of the reins, and the horse went down on all fours. She laid her head in Noreen’s lap. Noreen reared back, startled by the unicorn’s forward behavior. Vin stared down at them both. The stovepipe hat made him appear taller, larger than life.

“Unicorns are drawn to virgins.”

Warmth flooded her skin. He never ceased to surprise her with his blunt words. “A gentleman would never talk of such things to a lady whom he has just met.”

“And there you make your first mistake. I come from a different realm where etiquette and cultural differences abound. Sex is as natural as breathing. Love, however, is a rare and bonding element. Never confuse the two.”

She ignored the turn of the conversation and redirected it. “Will she let me stand? I feel at a disadvantage while I look up at you.”

He tugged on Kirin’s reins. The unicorn tore its gaze from hers. After some coaxing, Vin managed to pull her away from Noreen’s lap. Straw poked at her shins. Noreen braced her hands upon the wooden slats on either side of the stall and pulled herself up. Vin had his hands full trying to restrain the unicorn or else he probably would have lent her a hand. She felt grateful his mind was occupied elsewhere. With all the talk of virgins and sex, she didn’t feel up to having his hands upon her person.

Once she stood, he let go of the reins, and Kirin rested her muzzle upon Noreen’s shoulder. She smiled. The unicorn acted as stubborn as some humans she knew. She stroked Kirin’s nose, enjoying the velvety texture of her hide.

“You could command anything of her at this moment, and she would grant your wish if it were in her power to do so.”

Her gaze snapped to his. The soft glow of a lantern illuminated his harsh features. As tall and handsome as he was, he would turn many a head. She swallowed hard. He stood proud and confident; a master of illusion to make her think him so handsome. “Could I command her to reverse time?”

“You could, but it would gain you nothing.” He edged nearer. “It was your destiny to find the diary.”

She licked her lips and pressed her back against the railing. “She doesn’t look like the unicorns I’ve seen in books.”

“The golden horn that marks her as unicorn disappears while she serves me in the human realm. Unfortunately, she still maintains her cloven feet and a body style not quite that of a horse.” He took another step. “Kirin is most generous of heart.”

“Don’t come any closer, Vin.”

“You don’t appreciate being backed into a corner? Nor do I.”

“When have I backed you into a corner?”

“You don’t know, do you?” He took another step forward.

She shook her head. His gaze held her captive. Her heart accelerated, and her palms became moist.

He pulled a rose from his lapel and tucked it behind her ear. “You make me feel things I have no wish to feel.”

Her back pressed against the rough wood. She was truly trapped. Screaming would serve no purpose. Nor did she want to scream. Something hypnotic kept her pinned in place.

He removed his hat and bent his head. The scent of rose and hay hung heavy in the air. Warm breath teased her neck. Did he mean to kiss her?

He growled. “This is not what I want.”

“You want Beletania’s diary. I’ll—I’ll fetch it, if you but give me a moment.”

He braced his hands on either side of her head. “The book be damned. No—I think it’s too late for that. I want more than the book.”

“Please.” What did she beg for? Release or his firm lips upon her own?

He dropped his hat to the ground and moved with a quickness that startled her. Before she realized his intent, his hand cupped her cheek. His touch was enough to awaken all sorts of forbidden feelings. She leaned into his palm, hoping he would kiss her and hoping he would not.


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  1. Now, just how is anyone suppose to resist reading more? Sounds fabulous, Ciara!

  2. Great excerpt, Ciara. I'm reading and enjoying the book at the moment and I'd recommend it to everyone else. (You don't need to include me in the draw!)

  3. Thanks big time. I'm off today so I'm hoping to get a bit of work done on its sequel. :)

  4. Wow, that sounds great and I love love love the cover! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Tami! Hey girl, it's fabulous to see you. And, yes, we agree that is one awesome cover.

  6. Thanks for the excerpt! Love the cover.

  7. Whew! Talk about tension!! It just leaps off the screen at me. Definitely going to have to read the rest of this fabulous story.

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