Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Howdy Rowdy!

We are Angelica Hart and Zi a writing team of contemporary, fantasy, thrillers and fanciful romance and we're here to kick off the Champagne Books Blog's month long Valentine party! Many Champagne Book authors will be joining us, sharing excerpts, stories, poems, blogs, articles, and e-book GIVE AWAYS.

To begin, anyone who joins the Champagne Book Blog today or tomorrow will receive a free e-book! If you leave a comment you'll be part of today's drawing for a free e-book. If you let a friend know about our blog and they join the blog, you'll both be entered into the end of the month drawing for two print books, an e-book and a surprise gift.

For today's offering, we'd like to leave you some poetry and prose straight from Zi's literary vault.

Z: Hey, I how did you find them? I had them in an innocuous file and under password protection.
A: (wiggles brows) Nor lock or key is safe from me. 'Tis time to share the ponderings of your lair. Besides, you see, my poetry is stinky!
Z: I wouldn't say that.... (Re-reads her words and grimaces.) Then again...
A: Hush, let everyone enjoy Day One of Hearts, Roses and Candy month. (Looks around) By the way, where's the chocolate?

A note from Zi to you:


Step upon my wings of imagination…join me…for I am about to sojourn to a place of magic wonderment. This is my place. Where I still feel like a child. Broccoli tastes like jelly beans. Every dog talks. Books smell like peaches. And the Sunshine never burns but enriches.

My thoughts are with you. I hope this finds you well.

Consider a first date, titled, “The Lady Gets Wings”. Every angel should have their wings. We walking hand-in-hand eventually spontaneously skipping to town square. The streets are dustless cobblestone. Never a car allowed upon them. People scurry from shop to shop. Spinning as they greet others. Gentlemen bow and ladies curtsy.

“How do you do!”

“And you!”

Then spin a good bye and off they go to the next greeting to be spun.

Music fills our air yet, neither of us know its origin. Music comes from the energy of being. Happy. Music is because we are. The baker devines fluffy sounds. The florist glows a melody of lilting joy. Music becomes the extension of our souls…and poetry our own private dance of possibilities.

Respectfully yours in muse,



You are my possibility
My friend to be
My muse
My paramour
My future
You are my possibility
And I am profoundly

A Hug

Strength is an amazing thing
Power is an absolute aphrodisiac
Humanity finds it a sign of strength
Hugging is not weakness
Asserting one's strength; good
But asserting one's strength
As well as their heart
Awesome... simply awesome


I am smitten, I fear.
How did that happen?
You are the muse that tweaks my prose,
the romantic who touches my spirit.
It is not possible to be smitten by a reader,
to fall into the abyss of what they desire,
in tales, in narratives, in scenes of love.
To not even know the color of a woman's eyes,
yet long to conquer the nectar of her soul.
To fuel her desire and capture her romantic heart.
I am smitten with you.
Will you be smitten by my words?

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Angelica Hart and Zi

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  1. Thanks for a great month of giveaways. Ahhh, the month of chocolate. Luv it!


  2. Well said, Andrea! We feel the same as Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation. "I never met a chocolate I didn't like."

  3. For Andrea and Everyone else who posts or joins today ~~~~ We will be in touch with your free download for today, and let you know the results of the contests you have automatically entered. Winners will be contacted at the end of the month.

  4. HI, Angelica & Zi!! Told all my Facebook and Twitter friends about the party. I'm stuck at home with the family due to a big snow storm but very excited because the wonderful Champagne Books just released my story HOT COMMODITY in paperback today!!

    I love the poems. Encore, encore!!

  5. It's cold and white outside the door
    Stay with me, I'll get us more
    Hot chocolate spiced with ground red chile
    The Mexican way to drink it, silly!

    Though where I am is warm and sunny
    I know big snows are far from funny.
    So sip a cup of spicy sweet
    And read delightful Champagne treats!

    I'm posting the link on FB as well. Love the poetry and the whole notion of a month-long par-tay!


  6. Hey Linda,

    Congrats about HOT COMMODITY! That's so exciting.

    We hear you about the snow, we're in sleet mode with black ice. We're not going anywhere. However, we are still partying!

    Thanks for joining in today!

  7. And there is the encore by our own Jude Johnson! Whoo Hoo! Great poem, and send over some of that hot choclate. Just what we need to warm our inners.

    Great about spreading the news Jude!

  8. Now following Champagne Books on their blog and twitter. Nice interview. Made me smile.

  9. Hooray for giveaways during a major blizzard!!!! Thanks!

  10. She,

    So glad we can make you smile! Thank you for joining Champagne Books Blog! Please give us your email addy so we can send you an e-book download.

  11. Hi Denise,

    You're quite welcome! We're only getting the rain and some sleet out of the storm. Can't imagine being socked in with four boys. Our hats off to ya!

  12. Everyone...remember to leave your email addy if you joined today so that we can enter you in the end of the month drawing.

  13. I've had this window up all day trying to find time to comment. LOL I love the poetry. We have our blizzard here tonight, and schools already called off, so I'll be here tomorrow with my 10 year old and her two teenage brothers. My husband gets to work:)

    I'm following the blog now-- I'm moonsanity.

    wayfaringwriter at

  14. Hey Moonsanity,

    Adore your pic and your nick. So happy to meet you, and we're tickled you are following the blog.

    Snow days can be fun days, but when you have to be on the road not so much.

    Enjoy the snow and stay warm.

  15. I learned about Champagne Books from reading Tanya Eby's BLUNDER WOMAN, which I loved! Very funny, with great characters I relate to.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    Schuyler Esperanza
    Twitter: @ReadersInk

  16. Great to see the party started! I've mentioned it on my blogs.

  17. Hi Schuyler,

    If you think her first book was funny wait until you read PEPPER WELLINGTON AND THE CASE OF THE MISSING SAUSAGE. It'll be out in a few days.

    Thank you so much for commenting. Don't forget to let us know your email addy to get a free e-book for showing up today. You can send it to or leave it here.

  18. Thanks, Rosemary!

    Yup, yup, we're rockin' and rollin' all month long. And for you who don't know, Rosemary's DANGEROUS DECEIT will be out in May 2011.

  19. Well, I joined the blog today and will have to learn how to do some things. This is new territory for me but I will conquer another learning curve.