Thursday, November 5, 2009

Champagne Books Announces Release of The Chat Pack by Kris Condi

Champagne Books Announces Release of The Chat Pack by Kris Condi

By Tami with Champagne Books Dated: Nov 02, 2009

Since 1992 Dr. Condi has had over sixty-five stories & articles in newspapers & magazines. Two previously published books precede The Chat Pack; Fakin’ It ('08) and 4Cam.Us ('04). They alternate living at their lake home in MI & the IL countryside.

The Chat Pack

From Italy to the United States to Tahiti, five women, five cultures and five globally diverse lives find solace in a chat room. Each is looking to fulfill a need. Ellen strives to regain empowerment. Luana longs to leave that secluded tropical island for a California adventure. New York executive Dava is looking for a shoulder to cry on since she and her husband were unsuccessful in conceiving. After struggling through the Michigan welfare system Irene joins chat with hopes of finding her long-lost daughter and employment. Former runway model, Petrice, is intrigued by the anonymity of chat. Through instant messaging, these five women discover not only friendship but that each of them is linked to the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

The Chat Pack by Kris Condi covers the issues that people want to read about; women, diversity and mystery.

The Chat Pack can be purchased in electronic format at

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