Monday, August 17, 2009

Excerpt - A Stranger in His Bed by Nancy Henderson

Angus watched Cat stare into the fireplace. Flames crackled, danced shadows and light across her features as she sat there.
Her cheeks were flushed from heat, and he had no doubt how soft they would be at the touch. Also because he’d just said something that would embarrass her. As days passed with her here, he was enjoying the newfound power he had over making her blush, that he could affect her, more and more. Although he did feel guilty at times for taunting her.
A strong north wind howled outside, sending a whisper of snow under the crack between the door and the threshold. Angus stuffed his hands in his pockets and watched her. She didn’t say anything.
He was an ass. She’d told him she was leaving. He’d offered to come with her, and when she refused, he’d gotten angry again.
Before Cat had come into his life, he could seldom remember a time when he lost his temper. Now, with her here, everything had turned upside down. His existence had no organization, no structure, no predictability. It simply was…not just an existence anymore.
How in hell could he just let her walk out of his life? But why in hell would she even want to stay?
She slowly removed her heeled boots and stockings as if she hadn’t a care that he was standing within inches of her. He watched her curl her bare feet under her skirts.
She had no idea the effect it had on him.
“Why don’t you have a sweetheart?” She set her boots beside her.
He grunted. Irritation doused him like water from the stream in December.
“Any woman would be happy to have you.”
“It wouldn’t be a real relationship.”
“I don’t understand.”
He shouldn’t have said anything. He’d only muttered it under his breath, more to himself than anyone.
He sighed. “Sex. I’m talking about sex.”
The expression on her face told him she was still in the dark. But how could she be? All she had to do was look at him to know the answer.
He shook his head. “No woman in her right mind would want to have sex with me. Not unless I paid her.”
“Are you incapable?”
“Wh—Of course I’m capable!”
“Then what is the problem?” She paused, bit her lip as if contemplating something. “I mean…positioning may present a challenge.”
His jaw dropped. There was no embarrassment he’d seen so often on her face when he’d hackled her. She just sat there staring at him as if she were genuinely waiting for an answer.
He ran his hand through his hair. Christ, she was waiting for an answer.

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