Monday, August 10, 2009

Excerpt - Without Regret My Love by Melissa Blue


They stood so close she could feel the heat resonating from his body, and tingles danced across her skin as he kissed the delicate skin at the corner of her mouth. Her lips felt warm, ready. “It’s true,” she whispered, closing her eyes as he kissed the other corner of her mouth. “There are times when I feel completely overwhelmed by life. I need a place like this.” She tilted her neck as he pressed his lips down the gentle slope of her throat. His fingers lightly ran up and down her spine until she shivered. “Thank you for sharing your special place with me.”

Lifting her into his arms, Craig gazed into the ebony pools of her eyes. “There is so much more I want to share with you,” he said. “You feel so good in my arms. No, you feel...perfect.”

To his delight, she breathed, “Kiss me,” and twined her fingers through his hair.

He did, keeping his touch soft, tender, inviting.

He felt her tremble.

Cradling her against him, he settled her back into the soft bed of tall grass, pressing his mouth more insistently against hers. Her lips were made of the most pliable velvet, and he drank in the sweetness of them. Her hair was smoother than silk and it tickled his face. Her skin was pale like fresh cream and he caressed it. Her eyes, oh those eyes, like warm liquid pools of the nighttime sky, they could pull him into oblivion if he wasn’t careful. He didn’t want to becareful. He just wanted Marissa…

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  1. What an wonderfully yummy scene, especially that last line. Romance personified. If the rest of the book is just as good, we're in for a special treat when we read it.