Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Interview with Kimber Chin

Tami - **mumbles snottily** I am not afraid of commitment. It's actually the other way around! If I could just find a guy to put a ring on my finger I wouldn't have to worry about not having.... OH hey, Kimber, is it that time already **glances at the clock guiltily** You caught me in my guilty pleasure. Taking my little Cosmo quizzes. Since I'm looking, why don't you answer a few questions for me before we start?

Kimber: Sure thing. (Sips my drink) Ohhh… I luv me's some Cosmo quizzes.
'Course when I take quizzes, being a true Gemini, I'm usually at both
sides of the spectrum. Either 1's or 10's for me!

Tami: Let's see if you are a bad girl Kimber! Mmmm.....well if you say that you're a 10 already I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting ride! Here you go! OK, question number 1: Have you ever wound up flirting with one of your friend's boyfriends? Now if you don't feel comfortable answering for yourself, you can always answer for one of your characters. :)

Kimber: Supposedly I flirt with EVERYONE (male or female). (eye roll) I prefer
to think of it as making the other person feel good. As I'm not a
poacher (you can get shot for that, one hears), my gal pals know their
boyfriends were and are safe with me.

I have been known for making boyfriend referrals though, telling men
'you're not the guy for me but I do know a woman you might be interested

Tami: Well don't try to hook me up girl, I'm quite happy over here with my little cabana boy! Now on to question number 2: Do you play hookie from work? And since we are on the topic, what do you do besides write wonderful fiction like Invisible? And tell us something about the book while I've got my mind on it!

Kimber: I prefer to call them mental health days. If I don't take a break,
it'll be bad news for my co-workers (as in hospitalization bad news). I
now work on contract. Either I get paid by hour or by project so taking
a mental health day doesn't hurt the company any. Usually it helps them
as I come back refreshed.

My gigs are in new business development. That includes product
development, systems implementation, and just about any special project
you can think of. Right now, I'm helping an entrepreneur with a
business plan. He's looking for $20 million dollars in angel funding.
Challenging in the current environment.

Tami: "Mental Health Days"....sure.....whatever you say darlin'. that when you take time to write? Are you going to be a doll and share some of your latest work with us? I got to have some.....I'm a bookaholic and that's going to keep everyone from being hospitalized! Come on, save the world, one world at a time.

Kimber: I usually take summers off to write (unless I get talked into doing a
business plan 'cause the entrepreneur is hard up for financing).

My latest release, Selling Forever, is a nod to the bachelor auctions of
the 1980's. Remember those? I thought they were very liberating. If
you like a guy, all you had to do was buy him. Doesn't get simpler than

I wrote Selling Forever for my dear, sweet Mom. It is a sweet read (for
me) without the angst of Invisible or my February 2010 release Flawless
(with the F-Bomb flinging Tavos Santos, my knife wielding vigilante).

Body count in Invisible is 4.
Body count in Selling Forever is 0.
Body count in Flawless is off the charts (I lost count).

Tami: OK, I know that Kimber is too nice to do something like this, but what about a character.....tell us; What is the naughtiest move that you or a character has made on a first date! Inquiring minds want to know, I know I want to know. **leans in closer**

Kimber: My heroines are take charge business types (similar to myself) so they
don't believe in wasting time. Anne, my heroine in Breach Of Trust,
gets frisky with Philippe in the front seat of his Maybach (they have
lots of legroom – take my word on that).

That's the scene a buddy of mine claims likely got my manuscript an
auto-reject from Harlequin as… well… lets say, Philippe finishes
before Anne even starts. Yeah, SO not category.

Tami: **BURST OUT LAUGHING** Yeah, OK, definitely an auto reject for them, but a auto win for us! Since we are talking about bad girls.....I read on your blog that your characters cures a lot. I found your response just kick ass funny. Talk about it please! **holding my sides**

Kimber: Because when you put highly charged control freaks in highly charged,
out of their control situations, you're going to get some profanities.
Do you really expect a CEO about to lose his company to say "oh, gosh,

Ironically, I don't swear at all. Well, maybe, I'll say 'sugar' or
'shaving cream' but I don't use any of the well known profanities. Why?
Because I am the second eldest of six kids and I used to babysit
constantly. Nothing will get your a$$ fired faster than a little
trooper repeating a cuss word and then proudly telling the world (as
little troopers tend to do) who taught him that word.

Tami: OK, I've recovered. I think. OK, now what else have you got going on your writing plate that I have to know about? You know that I have to know it all. I'm nosey girl. Fill me in!

Kimber: I'm happily exploring the business world in Breach Of Trust and
Invisible. I finally found a girl for Gregory (my trouble making lawyer
in Breach Of Trust) and she's a buddy of Nikolay's (the Russian mobster
in Invisible). I never really planned for the worlds to converge but
when Tavos (in Invisible) needed funding for his jewelry business,
Philippe (in Breach Of Trust) couldn't pass up the quick return.

It ties into real life though. Most of the big fish know each other.
They deal through referrals so it tends to be an insular group. One of
the reasons, I suppose, that it used to be called the old boys club.

Tami: You want another question? Fill in the blank: Rules are made to be ________!

Kimber: Ignored, which is funny (or not) coming from a trained accountant.
Rules are guidelines. For lack of better knowledge, I'll adhere to
them, but if I think I'm the exception (and doesn't everyone think
they're the exception?), I'll ignore them.

Tami: Accountant? Girl, that's what I am going to school for. I have a couple more classes and I am done. Whoo, I think I need another drink thinking about that. Getting back on track.....I've had a blast with you here, and I can't wait to have you back. When did you say you were coming back?

Kimber: Fellow Bean counter Padawan, if I could, I'd never leave.
Thank you so much for having me over
for apple martinis… I mean, for the interview. I had SO much fun!

Tami: weren't supposed to tell them about that. Now everyone is going to expect drinks and Cosmo quizzes. Well you are welcome to come here any time! Just make sure to let me know so I don't have too much to drink! Whoo, I've got to go y'all. But make sure you come on back next week when we have Jim Woods being interviewed by our very own Julie Eberhart Painter! Bye y'all!


  1. Kimber is not only a damn good writer, she has one of the coolest names imaginable, I'm proud to call her a friend!


  2. Ed, you are a sweetie (and a damn good writer also)!
    I thought about going with Kim Chin but I thought that made me sound like a Dr. Seuss character.
    The hubby, an audiophile, has always called me Kimber after Kimber Cables.

  3. ha ha ha! I took a week worth of mental health days! I WANT MORE! Loved the interview you guys! That was great!


  4. Loved the interview, Kimber and Tami. You're both a hoot!

    Yes, Kimber is an excellent writer (prude language here). About to buy Selling Forever. Love the idea of you combining those characters from both books. Gregory definately needs a woman of his own. Tavos needs one too.

    As a middle school/high school teacher I took many mental health days. We also called them battle fatigue days. I can say that now that I'm retired. Wouldn't have survived without them.


  5. We're late... ummm... very late... but we still are going to comment.... You two are jsut hilarious together. What a fun interview. We enjoyed it to the max. Especially adored the way you talked about your characters. Some authors forget that.