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Tattle & Wrye column January 2018 edition

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Picking up from the New Year’s Eve party, Tattle sighs.

“What’s up, post party blues?”  Wrye uses a rake to gather up the streamers.

Tattle uses a brush and trash bin to clear away dishes and glasses. “Just thinking about how fast the years go by.”

“Ahhh, the I’m-getting-old-and-life-is-slipping-away doldrums?”

“Naw, it’s the I-want-to-read-every-single-book the Champagne Books Group puts outs pity-party.”

“Well, that is a very ambitious goal, m’literary bud, and I, too, long for the same thing.  So, let’s make it a goal and start with a Love of Literature Leap Review.”

Blues suddenly vanish as Tattle jumps up.  “Lets go!”

"Snooow... Snoooow...It won't be long until we'll all be there with Snnnoooowww.... Snnnnowww...," Tattle sings, totally off key.

"Right season, wrong area. No snow.... sand and sun."

"Awwww, then we are right in Meg West's LOVE ON LONGBOAT KEY. Yay us! Snow is certainly not Julie's cup of cocoa. Therefore, her visit from frigid Connecticut to sunny Sarasota, Florida is just what she needs."

Wrye strolls behind Tattle in Julie's favorite retreat, MARIE SELBY BONTANICAL GARDEN. "There is a down side to the visit. Her parents won't stop bickering, and her boss Amanda Ford saddled her with work over her vacation. If she doesn’t perform well, she risks a poor end-of-the-performance review. Then there is the circumstance that she is approaching thirty with not a smidgeon of romance on the horizon."

"Enter stage left!" Tattle fans herself with her hand. "Tall, sexy hot and yummy, Thomas, who is also visiting his irritable elderly parents in the penthouse of Julie’s parent's condo."

"Proooblem alert!" Wrye enthuses. "Though there is instant sizzle, Julie soon discovers Thomas' father used to be the CEO of Pilgrim Mutual Insurance. This is the company where both Julie and Thomas work. Even worse is the fact that Thomas was engaged to her boss, Amanda!"

"Once Amanda discovers Thomas and Julie are seeing each other, Julie's life becomes prickly. She questions if Thomas is still interested in Amanda, and gets the feeling that Amanda is still attracted to Thomas."

Wrye comes abreast of Tattle. "Complications come in pairs. Julie begins to realize her parents need a daughter who lives closer, and can be on hand for possible health issues."

"Between her job, that she no longer really enjoys, her confusion over Thomas, and her reluctance to go back to the snowy north, Julie's life feels like one big tidal wave of turmoil. What's a gal to do? Gotta read the book to find out!"

Wrye dons his serious expression. "Meg West has provided a sweet romantic treat with a holiday theme. It is a smooth, flowing, quick read that is as satisfying and absorbing as a Hallmark movie. Her characters are engaging and there is just enough mystery to have the reader wondering how Julie will resolve her dilemmas. It is a cuddle on the couch in front of a fire and sip brandy sort of book. Well done!"

"I disagree! It is a beach chair in front of a whispering ocean, drinking a Sunrise Margarita sort of read!" Tattle pauses and wrinkles up her nose thoughtfully. "I concede, either will work.  Meg's writing fully captures the essence of a sweet romance. I just adored the way the relationship between the characters develops with perfect pacing. I was also very impressed at the very real entanglement of dealing with aging parents. Julie's parents were a hoot, adding just enough humor to lighten a very real and serious situation. Meg's plotline was interesting, her writing style smooth as a windless day on the sea. I would highly recommend this book for a quick, satisfying and easy read. I fully enjoyed it." 

Until next time, keep reading!

Happy New Year!

Dona Penza Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash

Books by: Angelica Hart and Zi
Books by: Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane

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