Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Excerpt from Consuming the Darkness, A New Beginning

Consuming the Darkness, A New Beginning
Darkness, Book 7
By Shiela Stewart
Paranormal Romance
$ 2.99
Champagne Books

He needs your heart to survive.


Daisy barked and growled at something behind them, and Sienna shook her head to clear away the fog from the vision. The sound of footsteps on gravel had her spinning around.

A man stepped out of the shadows. “Behind you! Get down.”

The gun came up in his hand, in the direction of her head. Behind her, she sensed the presence of a vampire. She spun, again, to take the creature down. The gun fired, hitting the vamp in the right shoulder. He jerked back, screeching like a banshee.

“What the hell are you doing?” she yelled at the man with the gun as she ran to the vamp. “Daisy, stay!” Daisy sat as instructed, while Sienna knelt beside the screaming vamp. She pressed her knee to his bleeding shoulder. “You are under arrest for breaking the laws of humans and vampires and will be detained in the local jail while awaiting trial.”

“You’re a cop?” the guy behind her responded.

“Yeah, I’m a cop. Oh, stop your screaming already!” She flipped the vamp onto his belly and pulled his arms to his back, pinning them in one hand while she searched for her handcuffs. “Damn it, why don’t I have my cuffs on me? Wanna tell me why you were about to attack me?”

“I wasn’t, honest. I was only…out for a walk. Yeah, I was walking. I’m gonna sue the cops for harassment. I was minding my own— Fuck, my shoulder’s killing me. Police brutality!” he hollared good and loud.

“Shut the hell up,” Sienna snapped. “No one gives a damn.”


A set of shiny silver handcuffs dangled before her face. She took a moment to survey their owner. He wasn’t bad on the eyes. Though his dark brown hair looked a bit messy, it suited him. And wow, the guy had a hell of a body. Broad shoulders, wide chest, and narrow waist. His face was pretty decent to look at, even with the five o’clock shadow. He had nice eyes, dark brown, with long lashes.

And…he was human. “I’d prefer a regulation set rather than your bondage toys.”

“These are regulation. I’m a detective. Nathan Powers,” he introduced in a deep, throaty voice that sounded as if he’d smoked one too many cigarettes.

With the vamp squirming beneath her, she took the cuffs. Before slapping them on the vamp’s wrists, she made sure they were regulation. Sienna flipped the perp onto his back and pinned him with her knee. “Don’t try anything stupid.”

“Bitch!” the vamp spat.

“What the hell’s with the yellow contacts and fake fangs?”

Sienna glanced over her shoulder as she responded to the detective. “What? You’ve never seen a vampire before?”

“A what?”

“A vampire.”

“I heard you. I thought I’d seen it all, but I guess not. Now we’ve got junkies playing vampires.” The detective chuckled with a shake of his head.

One look at the guy told her he was serious.

“Oh jeez, he’s a virgin,” the vampire on the ground said.

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