Saturday, December 30, 2017

Savvy Saturday: A Year in Review

Welcome back to Savvy Saturday! This week, we celebrate the coming New Year with a look back at all we have done in 2017. It's been a busy, but fun year, and we are happy we were able to share a bit of it with you.

New Publisher/Owner
This year we happily welcomed Cassiel Knight as the new publisher and owner of Champagne Book Group. Congrats Cassie!

1. Highland Promise by Mary McCall
2. Children of Neptune by Makenna Snow
3. Caves in the Rain by Bob Bickford
4. Smile and Walk Away by Danielle Riedel
5. Witch on Parole by Kay Latour

New Releases
Caves in the RainA bereaved father stumbles across evidence of an old murder and tries to find healing in bringing a child-killer to justice.
Fallen- She has seduced men everywhere…but never fallen in love. Until now.
Fortune Teller's Secret- A dead man on a Ferris wheel and a cold-case murder take Cavendish Brown into a world of carnival freaks, ghosts, and killers.
Penetrating the DarknessA kidnapped child, a young woman in charge of protecting her, a newly created vampire, and a city cast in darkness. Three innocent lives are about to change.
Murder on the Disoriented ExpressPrivate Eyeball Randy accepts an assignment to escort two harmless elves—an elderly maiden aunt and her niece— across the continent. Seems simple enough. If only.
Thin Ice- Can the truth unleash the past and set their hearts and minds free?
Elfin Nights- Nothing in the world of men or fae will keep this Knight from his duty...or his true loves.
Smile and Walk AwayDetective Duran thinks he’s searching for a missing woman. Little does he know he’s actually pursuing the last remaining evidence of a CIA cover up.
Love on Longboat Key- Over Christmas break, a sweet but shy copywriter must fight off her aggressive boss to win the heart of the CEO's son.
Children of Neptune- To save her family and her crown, Jet leaves the life she's known to uncover the plot to destroy everything she holds dear.
Take the Bai Road- Conspiracy. Cartels. Chaos.
Desperate Knight- No time... No options... No plan... No one said saving the world was easy.
Witch on ParoleWhen a woman tries to leave her dark world behind, she learns there is no escape from her past as it bleeds into her future. Can a Witch on Parole break free and forge a new path that includes a new famiiy...and love?
Midnight in MongoliaCan Doll find two kidnapped friends before they disappear into the wilds of the Gobi Desert?
Hot WaterCan Agent Sullivan repress his feelings for the woman he secretly loves and use her as bait to catch a serial killer?
Heart of the HolidayFive heartwarming tales of the season.
Under a Calico Moon- When everything you love has been taken, sometimes all you have left is revenge.
Cold Sweat- Can they conquer the mountains and the past in time to save Hope?

In Other News:
Brantwijn Serrah launched her design and author website. She also attended an Indie Author book signing in July.

KM Tolan attended four conventions and sold his books. He contracted a new book, Storm Child, and had a glass figurine made of his character Water from Siren's Song.

Children of Neptune, Elfin Nights, and Tracks all received cover awards from Affaire de Couer.


  1. Well done, Champagne Books. Looking forward to another outstanding year in 2018! Pens up, all!

  2. Congratulations to all involved in such a successful year. I wish you many more to come.