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Tattle & Wrye column December 2017 edition


December 2017


Dressed as elves, Tattle and Wrye, have a Christmas joke-off.

Wrye swirls about Tattle, his hat’s bell’s jingling. “What do you call a kid who doesn't believe in Santa?
 A rebel without a Claus.

Tattle rolls her eyes. “Try this one. What do you call an elf who sings?”

“Not you!”

“Ha…ha… I can, too, sing.  An elf who sings is a wrapper!”

“Why does Santa Claus go down the chimney on Christmas Eve? Because it soot's him.”

“Just like it soots us to go on a Love of Literature Leap,” Tattle declares.

And the two jump right into their reviews for December.

THIN ICE by J.S. Marlo (Heart & Endurance Book 2) ~ Romantic Suspense

Tattle frowns at the sight of the damaged van. “That had to hurt.”

“Well, it didn’t hurt Julie Lavoie. In the end its how she met Luke, and he was exactly what she needed.” 

Wrye lifts a brow, giving his best distinguished James Bond look, which doesn’t quite cut it while wearing his green elf outfit. “Julie lost her husband and now her eighteen year old son, Thierry, has vanished on his way to a hockey tournament.”

Bolts of lightning crash overhead as if reflecting Tattle’s anger. “Thierry is an exemplary young man and a goaltender, who sees how drugs are affecting his teammates. His determination to bring it to light puts him in ominous danger.”

Wrye nods. “Luke, a federal agent, ends up helping Julie look for her son.  Only, the closer they get to answers the more Thierry’s survival is threatened.”

“At the same time, they are drawn to each other, which isn’t easy for Julie whose heart still aches for her deceased husband.”

“Will Julie ever see her son again? Will the love blooming between Julie and Luke have a chance if something happens to Thierry? Not to mention, will they themselves survive the perilous and ruthless drug dealers?” Tattle pants and looks wild eyed.

Wrye pats Tattle on the back. “Oh, yes! What a complex plotline. It makes such a great read. As usual, J. S. Marlo has given us a treat. Her classic writing skills are at their best in this saga. Her literary scheming has taken a leap, offering new levels of intrigue and anticipation. You never know what is around the bend. The characters are sympathetic and have her signature bravery and good hearted natures. As always, I am impressed, and an ardent fan of this book as well as all her works.”

“I especially like the pacing of this book and how the author interweaves romance with dramatic conspiracies. The danger is nail biting while the realism raises the hackles on your neck. You have to remind yourself to breath. Meanwhile, through it all, the tender romance between Julie and Luke provides a humanistic quality. I forgot this wasn’t just a story. It was as if I was part of it. It was all very real. This is J. S. Marlo’s brand of writing, inspiring and addictive. I can’t get enough of her.

FALLEN BY Andrea R. Cooper (Claimed Series – Book 2) ~ romantic paranormal

Wrye dons his serious face as he walks into Jack’s coffee shop. “In FALLEN, supernaturals are, well natural, but Jack hoped to avoid them in the rundown part of town where he had set up his coffee shop.” Wrye notes the baked goods and helps himself.
Tattle snares a treat herself, crumbs drifting onto her business suit. Yes, the two swapped out their Christmas outfits. Now, the two are dressed like Men in Black dusted with powdered sugar. “What Jack couldn’t avoid was being a supernatural himself, the sort who could absorb another’s powers through his palms. A gift? Or…” hums the Twiglight Zone theme “…a curse!”
“Meanwhile, Adeline no longer has her succubus powers. Yes, ladies and gents, in this universe, succubus’ are real and oh-so-hot, but not immune to troubles. The crystal shackled to her wrist blocks her powers, and she needs money to pay the Oracle, the only one who can get the stone off her.  Otherwise, da da da da, she’d end up being a plain ole human being.”
Tattle gets a huffy look. “I like human. Of course, she thinks it’s a fate worse than a dive into Hades for eternity, but I get it. A succubus can seduce men into doing whatever she wants. For example, if I had those powers, I would charm you into giving me the last pastry.”
Wrye sighs and breaks the treat in half, offering it to Tattle. “But none could seduce Adeline, or win any little bitty part of her heart.”
“Then she met Jack.” Tattled grinned widely. “He’s so cute with that dark hair and crooked grin. How could she resist.”
“Game changer!” Wrye announces in a high pitched tone.
“Yup… yup… yup…” Tattle finds a fresh cuppa coffee in the shop and sips. “Jack ends up on the run from both vamps and weres just cause he wanted to shoo them away from outside his coffee shop and accidently ended up killing one and exposing his powers to a were. Poor guy. Everything he wanted to avoid comes tumbling down on him.”
“The bounty on his head is a heady lure for Adeline until she begins to find herself being seduced by the irresistible Jake. Simultaneously, she uncovers his secret doppelgänger talents.” Wrye’s suit suddenly spouts a cape and he swirls it around like a magician in his final act.
“As for Jack, Adeline doesn’t need any succubus powers to ensnare Jack’s desire. The two are in a pickled brew of passion and love, and a cauldron of trouble, especially when a voodoo queen enters stage left!”
Wrye concludes, “This book is a delightful fast-paced read with endless action, steamy romance and sizzling characters. The writing itself is especially clean and seamless, not a stumble in sight to halt the fantasy. I now need to read book one of the series!”
“Though this is the second book of the series, it can be a stand alone. I enjoyed Adeline’s feisty character and the progression she makes learning real seduction is all about love. The plot line is packaged perfectly and has just enough unexpected twists to intrigue and keep me reading until the very last word, and wanting more. Kudos on a job well done!”

Hope you enjoyed this month’s reviews. More to come!


Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
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Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi

Books by: Angelica Hart and Zi
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