Saturday, June 18, 2016

Savvy Saturday: Author's Favorite Quotes from their Books

Hello all and welcome back! This week on Savvy Saturday, we are going to switch things up a little. When we asked what our authors' favorite quotes were from their book(s), we had a great response. Some were even turned into beautiful picture quotes. Take a look!

Quotes from Ute Carbone
Afterglow, Searching for Superman, The P-Town Queen, To the Wind, Confessions of a Sausage Queen, All Things Returned

Quote from You, Jane by Elizabeth Fountain

Quote from Conquering Cupid by Rita Bay

Quote from Defiant Dancer by K.M. Tolan

Quote from Tangled Web by Julie Eberhart Painter

The cohesive Welsh community was a haven of Protestant values and mutual support. It was also a hornet’s nest of gossip. Neither a canary’s death nor a girl’s fall from grace escaped the community chatter.

Good girls avoided the attention of the grandmothers’ grapevine by behaving--in public--as ladies were expected to behave with good manners and self-control. In private, emotions roiled, passions were explored, appetites satiated, and the end results “talked about.”

Or hidden.

Quote from An Alien's Guide to World Domination by Elizabeth Fountain

"Jack, the thing about grace, if you believe in that stuff, is it comes whether you deserve it or not. It comes because someone or something wants to give it, not because you want it or need it or earn it. You can earn respect, deserve kindness, ask for help. But grace either comes to you or it doesn't. You can't do anything to influence it. All you can do is recognize it."

Quote from Traitor Knight by Keith Willis

"If you were going to be beastly," Marissa said, biting off each word, "perhaps you should have just left me to my dragon."

Quote from Embracing the Darkness by Shiela Stewart

“Well, looky here. What have we got? Oh, and I smell lots of fear. Gonna be a nice snack for me.”
“You don’t want to drink me. I’m anemic. I won’t satisfy you much.”

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