Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Excerpt from Taken

By Amy McKinley
Paranormal Romance
Champagne Books

The cultivation of one weapon can win the war, free their souls, and change her fate. Or destroy it.


The sun sunk below the horizon, ushering in nightfall. Usually, this was Layla’s favorite time, when the moon came out and the world softened around the edges. This was not one of those times. Must be the curse that’s affecting me so much. She wrapped her arms around her middle and rested against the doorframe, unable to actually enter her bladesmith.

She shivered despite the mildness of the evening. Her sister’s words about increased danger echoed in her head. The past and present haunted her. They competed and collided. With sheer will, she’d managed to keep the beast inside its box, but her inner demons? Those she had very little control over.

Should she summon Zayden? He’d come and hangout no matter what he said…if she needed him he would be there for her. Nibbling on her lower lip, she wrestled with her decision, realizing it would be unwise and unfair to him. If anything happened, she’d have the fallen angel’s death on her hands.

Her head against the wood, she looked out across the river. That’s when she saw him. Silhouetted against the moonlight on the other side of the bank. Him. She jerked as pure masculine power slammed into her. What was he doing there? How long had he been standing there?

She held his gaze as long as she could. He was so fast. When she closed her eyes for the briefest second, he was already across the water and closing in when she locked on him once more. Closer, so very much closer.

With panther-like grace, solid muscles rippling, he advanced. She wouldn’t underestimate him. But would she be safe with him? Would he with her?

“Why are you here?” She scowled, irritated by the breathlessness of her voice. Never before had she allowed a male to affect her to the degree he did. No matter, he’d be a good distraction. She shuddered at the intoxicating combination. A combination that was hopefully enough to keep her mind off the sensation of fire ants crawling all over her skin, enemies lurking in the shadows, and walls closing in.

His eyes dilated, and a slow grin spread across his mouth. “I’m here for you.” He slid a strand of hair between his fingers, then cupped the back of her neck, tugging her forward. Electricity pinged through her. “Think you’re up for the challenge?”

She lowered her lids, unwilling to let him see just how much he affected her. Heat blossomed deep in her belly accompanied by a much-needed buoyancy that spread like fire through her veins. Just what she needed. He’s perfect.

Mirroring his grin, she stretched up on her toes and slipped her arms around his neck. She didn’t miss his raised eyebrow, questioning her, taunting her.

His hand easily spanned her waist as he drew her in, capturing her lips. Spiraling into him, she let herself go. He flooded her with strength and passion and she knew she’d find what she needed from him as a lover.

For tonight, she’d let him be her temporary anchor.

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