Saturday, December 12, 2015

Savvy Saturday with Celia Breslin and a Sexy Vampire

Today on Savvy Saturday we extend a warm welcome to paranormal romance writer, Celia Breslin. Celia has three books with Champagne Book Group: The Vampire Code, Haven, and Destiny. Her books are available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and at the Champagne Bookstore. It seems like we have an extra guest in the room as well!

Celia, who are you bringing with you today?

[Celia] Hi Everyone! Happy to be here on the Champagne blog. I’ve brought a special guest with me from the Tranquilli Bloodline Series, Carina’s one and only true love. Take it away, Alexander…

It is wonderful to have you here, Alexander. How are you doing?

[Alexander] ::removes sunglasses and settles in chair:: I’m fine, thank you. Pleasure to be here.

Tell your adoring fans a little bit more about yourself.
[Alexander] ::arches a brow:: Adoring fans…I like the sound of that. I’m a musician. When I was human, I was part of a fairly popular, indie rock band in San Francisco. We parted ways after I…changed. Now I play solo gigs, primarily classical and jazz piano, in venues exclusively for members of the preternatural community.

Next up are some interesting, and fairly random questions. Are you ready?

[Alexander] ::nods:: Fire away.

Good! Here we go. If you could join any past or current music group, which would you want to join?

[Alexander] Nine Inch Nails.

How often do you buy clothes? And what styles do you prefer?

[Alexander] ::shifts in seat:: Fairly often. I shop at the private boutiques off Union Square. After sundown, of course. As for my style, ::lifts arms:: my Carina calls me her “edgy, urban, rock star.”

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

[Alexander] ::strokes chin:: No idea. Celia?

[Celia] Hm, I’d say Alex O’Loughlin would rock that role. Or Ian Somerhalder. Or Tom Mison without the beard.

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?

[Alexander] I’d go back to the first time I saw Carina, walking in front of my car in the Castro. External forces kept us apart that day and for too long after. I’d change that.

All right Alexander, last question. Which historical figure do you most identify with?

[Alexander] Trent Reznor. ::winks:: If you want an ancient history answer, you’ll have to ask the vampire geezers, such as Jonas or Thomas.

[Celia] Oh my God, Alexander! Death-wish much? ::shakes head:: Geezers…you’re so lucky they aren’t here!

It has been an absolute joy talking with you both today. I hope we can do this again soon!

[Alexander] Thanks for having me. I’d be happy to return, with Carina next time. Right, Celia?

[Celia] Yes, Alexander. Although, the two of you together do tend to get a bit distracted.

[Alexander] ::smiles, smoky blue eyes sparking with heat:: Indeed.

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