Saturday, August 8, 2015

Excerpt from Unscripted

Duty Bound #1
By J.S. Marlo

Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Champagne Books:

"Shaped by fire. Bound by duty. Driven by love." Riley's tumultuous life rivals the television scripts she writes for Wild Rescue.


Technicians strapped explosives to a red vessel anchored some eighty feet out on the lake, and with each deadly charge added on board, trepidation coiled Riley's stomach into a tighter knot. She hated explosions and fires.
On shore, Blythe had donned a fire suit under his yellow jumpsuit and was busy applying a thick layer of fire-retardant gel on the exposed parts of his body to prevent burns when he jumped from the burning vessel.
During their long ride in the car, they'd discussed the intricacies of the scene, but he didn't mention performing his own stunts until they reached the lake. The stunt hit too close for comfort. She should have swallowed her pride, refused the assignment, and let Paul handle the outdoor shooting.
On her left, Martin rubbed his hands together as he trampled the grass at the edge of a gravel path. "This will be spectacular." In the heat, sweat beaded on his forehead. "The weather is perfect."
The cloudless sky melted into a shimmering lake surrounded by a young, verdant forest. Along the tree line, orange barricades prevented a handful of curious fans and onlookers from approaching the site.
Moored to the pier, a rubber dinghy waited for Blythe. Martin signaled for the actor to board and for the pilot to proceed.
Cameras rolled, capturing behind the scenes footage that might one day make unforgettable memories or great bloopers.
Positioned at the stern, Blythe untied the ropes securing the dinghy to the pier then reeled them in as the pilot turned the engine on.
Farther out on the lake, a ladder ran down the side of the red vessel.
The dinghy skimmed over the surface of the water, and when it pulled alongside the vessel, Blythe stood and gripped the ladder. At the bow, a black and white flag flapped in the wind.
In her mind, Riley reviewed the scene. The engine explodes while Blythe is at the helm, and he jumps off before the fire engulfs the entire boat.
As the dinghy moved away, Blythe climbed on board. A sudden explosion rocked the lake and tore the red vessel apart. His body flew into the air.

A scream escaped her throat, and amidst the mayhem, she ran toward the shore.

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