Monday, May 4, 2015

Release Day!

Happy Release Day everybody! This month we have three great releases for everybody.

To Ruin A Rake
By Liana LeFey
Historical Romance

When her fiancĂ© died, Harriett vowed not to let his wastrel brother destroy the charity they built. But Roland becomes a nuisance the moment he sets foot on the grounds, and it’s all-out war until their conflict threatens to expose her family’s dark secret.

Intrigued by the beautiful tyrant, Roland agrees to a ceasefire. It’s a dangerous truce, for she has the troublesome effect of making him want to be both a better man and a scoundrel. Can he resist the temptation?

Harriett is equally dismayed to find the rogue she swore to forever despise far less of a devil than she thought. Worse, he disturbs her in ways to make even the most virtuous woman contemplate the primrose path.

Fate will drive them into each other’s arms, intimate truths will be revealed, and enemies will have to learn to trust each other or all will be lost.

The Songwriter
By Brooke Adams
Contemporary/Paranormal Romance

For successful romance novelist Annie Blake, writing fairytale endings is one thing and believing in them is another. When her editor proposes writing the biography of famous seventies rock star James Craven, Annie gets more than she bargains for. At fifty-nine, James is very attractive and Annie falls helplessly in love with him, only to find herself intimidated by the thirty-year age gap. But as his life story unravels she discovers there’s more to him than meets the eye. James confesses the secret behind his rise to stardom, a gypsy’s blessing that became a curse when he sacrificed love for fame. Now he must find true love before his sixtieth birthday to break the curse… and time is running out. When James declares his love for her after a night of passion, Annie must choose between believing in fairytales or losing him forever.

But is she in love with the rock star or with the man behind the legend?

Alex In Wanderland
By R. J. Hore

Thrust into an alternate world, a married couple finds themselves as saviors of the land, with subtle hints of a slow and painful death as their ultimate reward. Alex and Alexis find themselves on a not-so typical quest to fulfill a ridiculous ancient prophecy. Their travelling companions: the priest, the protector, and the thief, are suspect, and everyone else seems out to stop them from reaching their ultimate goal.

Home World
By Michael W. Davis
Science Fiction

Derek Fagan suffers the misery, the horror and pain of living as a non-classed citizen of Home World until he’s indentured to serve as a warrior of the Tellurian Entente, tyrannical rulers of Earthcom. His choice? Exercise their oppressive authority at the cost of his own morality, or return to the nothingness existence of a Null in the ghetto zone. Two wars, a conflict to quench colonial rebellion, and a tour to subjugate his own kind accumulate more darkness than he can endure.

Derek loses everything after one desperate act to end his turmoil, until providence steps in and offers a different path on a hellish planet outside the control of his masters.

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