Friday, May 8, 2015

Excerpt from The Songwriter

The Songwriter
By Brooke Adams
Contemporary/Paranormal Romance

His music brought them together. A gypsy’s magic would do the rest.


Downstairs, Annie was racking her brains wondering what to do. She was madly in love with James and that terrified her. Maybe he was right and she should put the past behind her once and for all. However, twenty minutes later she was still stalling for time and was starting to get nervous wondering what James would be thinking of her. She knew she was being ridiculous and got up from the sofa, heading for the stairs with all the determination she could muster, stopping to take off her slippers and walk barefoot over the pinewood floor so as not make any noise. She reached the door of his bedroom and gingerly tried the doorknob. It opened and she poked her head around the door. The spacious room was in complete darkness, except for the moonlight streaming in through the double-glazed window. She walked in as silently as possible and called softly to him in the dark.
"James, are you asleep?" she whispered.
There was no answer and she turned around to go, somehow relieved, when the door suddenly closed shut and a key turned in the lock. Annie jumped back, startled, and then stifled a scream when she saw a silhouette in the darkness coming towards her. It was James, of course, but what was he doing lurking in the shadows?
"Gotcha," he said, gently pulling her towards him.
"For god’s sake, James, don’t do that. I almost jumped out of my skin."
"Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you."
"Was that a key I heard in the lock?"
"You heard right."
"But why did you lock the door?" she insisted.
"I just wanted to make sure you didn’t have second thoughts about coming here."
"And if I do?"
"It’s too late now. You just crossed the point of no return," he said, lowering his head to kiss her.
She unconsciously placed her hands on his chest in a half-hearted attempt to hold him back and realized he was naked from the waist upwards. The feel of his warm skin and taut muscles underneath her palms was electrifying. James reached down inside her pajama pants to caress the silky skin of her thighs and then placed his hands to her hips and pressed himself against her so she could feel his hard arousal. Annie was secretly burning with desire for him and knew she was utterly helpless in his arms. His sweet, musky scent was intoxicating. James broke the kiss and drew back slightly, lifting both her arms above her head and pulling off her top. Then he reached behind her head and undid the clasp, letting her lovely auburn hair fall in waves over her shoulders and down her back. His breath caught in his throat… she looked so beautiful in the moonlight.
James claimed her mouth passionately, almost knocking the breath out of her. His lips left her mouth and ravaged her neck, blazing their way over her shoulder and down towards her breasts. Annie felt what was left of her resolve melt away completely as she gave in to unbridled desire.

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