Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Journey of PLANET by January Bain

How large is Comet Titan?

This is an important consideration. Titan needs to be sufficiently humongous enough to have the impact create untenable conditions on Earth, and yet not so large as to seem improbable to fellow humans. I have come up with description, keeping in mind that with Earth’s one Unified Government having been created, I need to describe it more by historical land marks.

But it was the sheer size of the Titan that defied man’s need to control it, he knew only too well, having spent hours studying every single bit of information that could be collected, both legally and albeit not so legally from a friend perched in high places. More than twenty-three hundred kilometers across, the massive rock and ice structure was bigger than the total square kilometer size of Area Two. The largest of the Areas, it stretched its tentacles from the Mississippi River system through the Great Plains to foot of the Rocky Mountains, from the former Canadian/US border to the state of Texas.

This should make Titan large enough to destroy life as we know it on planet Earth and make evacuation essential to man’s survival. One can just imagine the dust storm or, if it lands in water, an even more likely scenario as the planet is more than seventy percent covered by water, than the flooding would be unbelievable and swam us all. A worrisome premise, eh!

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