Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Perils of Promoting with Nancy Henderson

There are so many promotional opportunities for writers nowadays.  How do you know which are the most effective?

I try to write two books a year.  In addition, I hold a full time job and have family responsibilities.  I’m on Myspace, Twitter, I maintain a blog on my website, and I belong to a group blog, The Writers Vineyard.  Plus I write the occasional article at various guest blogs and promo sites.  I don’t always have time to fit everything in.  In fact, oftentimes I feel like I’m running around doing ten different things at once.

Do the majority of these things work as effective promotion tools?  My friends twelve year old claims Myspace is “Soooo yesterday.”  Twitter, or Tweeting, she says, is “like totally rockin’.”  Ok, so maybe I should focus on my Tweets.

But I like to guest blog.  I love meeting new readers, visiting others’ sites, and hopefully gain a few new followers who might not have found me on my own site.

So what works?  I’m not altogether sure, but I press on.  I might not be the most organized person in the world, but I’m getting my name out there.  And hey, when I pen the next bestseller, people will sure know where to find me!

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  1. MySpace has certainly lost its charm - and 30% of its traffic. I have expanded promo on Facebook, but give up on Twitter.

    I wish I could just write...but that is not the reality we live in today's .com world.

    Kerry (obligatory .com)

  2. I'm caught on Twitter. Too addictive!