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Tattle & Wrye column March 2018 edition

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“Howdy, ma’am." Wrye appears in a Stetson hat and cowboy chaps. “Mind if I escort you on a Love of Literature Review?”

“You sure can,” Tattle returns, tying the ribbons of her bonnet. “I’m about as ready as I’m ever gonna be. By the way, where do cowboys cook their meals?”

“Why on the range, ma’am,” chuckles Wrye as he crooks his arm.

Tattle takes it as they jump into UNDER A CALICO MOON (Calico Brides Book 2) by Ellie Lynn.

UNDER A CALICO MOON – Historical Romance

Chet Bowman had been through six months of sorrow and solitude, having lost his brother to an unrighteous hanging. Finally, he begins to rebuild his ranch life, hiring a lovable cook, Palomino Pete and courting the independent and beautiful Lil Kersey. Despite being the owner of the local saloon, she is a lovely lady, respected by all. 

Chet’s life is finally on the mend when strange events begin to occur, starting with small disturbances on his ranch that soon escalate into violence. While on his porch, Lil is grazed by a bullet they assume had been meant for Chet. Then, Lady Gray, a mount Chet bought for Lil ends up purposefully injured. This is just the beginning. Being a man in good standing, none can figure out who’d have a vendetta against Chet. The mystery soon begins to unravel as locals realize a past menacing rival is back in town. Austin Riley, the previous marshal, who had deliberately had Chet’s brother hanged,  tried to do the same to the current marshal, Matt, and nearly raped Lil’s best friend, Amy, was back in town with a grudge.

Soon, he kidnaps Lil and when she takes ill from heat exhaustion, he snatches Doc Harvey Witmer to treat her. A posse is formed to find Austin Riley as well as Lil and the Doc. However, it all comes to a thunderous and lethal conclusion at Riley’s encampment.

“Wow, that was a fun, quick and exhilarating read. Much like riding a bronco that is barely tamed.” Wyre winks and tips his hat at Ellie Lynn. “Great job! Chet is a man’s hero, while Lil is the town girl every cowboy wants to call his lady. This is the old west just the way I like it, thrilling, cut-throat yet gilded with honor and loyalty. Since it is book two, I assume, since I hadn’t read the first book in the series, there were references to book one, but UNDER A CALICO MOON can be totally read as a stand-alone. I especially liked how the characters and their inner voices were true to the historical western. The dialogue was on target with enough idioms to bring me fully into the story. A very nice touch to realism. Way to go! Now, it’s time to read the other books in the series. Yee haw!”

“I enjoyed the tightness of Ellie Lynn’s storyline and the clean, precise prose that kept the pacing perfect.  This wonderfully sweet romance had just enough passion to have sizzle but not overpower the plot. Austin Riley was a creepozoid I loved hating, and his men were true ole west scum. Since I am an old time TV fan, I happily noted a genuine nod to the Gunsmoke and Bonanza universe. I haven’t read an historical western in ages, and this one has me hooked. I enjoyed the initial mystery, wondering what was happening at the Bowman ranch, and then the steady unfolding of peril. I also enjoyed the tender romance between Chet and Lil that made Lil’s kidnapping all the more harrowing. I cared about what happened to these characters, even the secondary ones.  Ellie did a fabulous job bringing the frontier to life. As Wrye said, can’t wait to dig into the series. I’m a fan! My suggestion is to start with book one and read them all.”

Until next time, keep reading CBG books!

Books by: Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane

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