Saturday, March 10, 2018

Savvy Saturday: Best Crafts to Make With Books

Do you love books so much you want to decorate your life with them? Well here are a few crafts to integrate books into every part of your life!

Book Planter
Handy for your side table, your shelf, or a centerpiece--you won't regret making this adorable planter from old books, brought to you by Lindy at Cottage Hill.

Image from Cottage Hill Blog.

Book-Page Rose Wreath
Make this beautiful wreath completely out of book pages for your door. A lovely touch for any bookworm's home, and inexpensive to boot! This project is brought to you from By Stephanie Lynn.

Photo from By Stephanie Lynn.

Book Clock
Pretty, and functional. You'll still probably lose track of time while you're reading though. Still, making a clock out of a book seems like a great addition to your counter or office! This project's instructions are available from Claire Gallam on SheKnows.
Image from SheKnows.

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