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Tattle & Wrye column August 2017 edition

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Tattle fans herself while sitting in front of the computer, posting on Facebook and sipping wine. "The AC is just like my computer."

"How so?"

"When you open windows, it just won't work." That was Tattle's lame hint for Wrye to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner.

"I need cold air," she rationalizes. "I'm getting old... olllldddd,” she wailed. “I’m fragile…” Looks distressed. “I…I could fall and get hurt and not get up!” Tattle turns to Wrye with desperation and a somber expression. "'I never want to exist in a vegetative state, having to rely on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever, ever, ever happens..." Sniff, sniff.... "Just pull the plug."

Wrye nods, gets up, takes the wine bottle away and unplugs the computer. "Happy?"

Before she can complain, Wrye snaps his fingers and the two dash into their monthly Love of Literature Leap: an interview with author Courtney Shepard and a review of SALVAGED by  J. S. Marlo.

The duet appears suddenly and startle Courtney Shepard author of UNBALANCED.

T: Tada! Ooooh, you have cookies. (Helps herself) Yum!

W: Hey, save me some. (Notices Courtney’s stunned expression) Oh, let me introduce ourselves. The cookie muncher is my partner-in-literary sleuthing, Dona Penza Tattle, and I am Wrye Balderdash, extraordinaire! (Offers an elaborate bow)

T and W: We are here to interview you. (Echoes are elaborated)

C: Well, thank you. It’s an honour. I’ve heard such wonderful things about you two. I’m very excited.

T: It is a pleasure to be here, and well, sorry we ate all the cookies. (Blushes) However, now down to the interview! (Tattle and Wrye do a tag-team high five and he takes the first question)

W: Of the four sisters, who would you like to be?  Who are you most like, errr, of course without the powers? Unless, of course, you are hiding something from us… (Wrye wiggles brows)

C: Ha ha. I wish. That’s a great question. Of all the sisters I would probably like to be Avia most. Her poise and control are definitely goal-worthy. But in reality, I think I’m closer to Asha.

T: (Looks serious) Since Asha’s power is fire, is she safe to be around? I mean, one wrong word and she can, well, like, smoke ya.  Or is she pretty even-tempered?

C: Oh no, she’s an active bomb, and she’s ticking. Asha has extraordinary control over her power, but she also has a bad temper and a penchant for violence.  If she gives you a suspicious look, I would run.  

W: What she is trying to say, is what type of personality does Asha have?

C: Asha is a warrior. At her core she is tormented, but she’s seeking redemption and justice. Raised quite differently than her sisters, Asha was trained in combat and fought as a young mercenary. She’s always fighting someone or for some cause. Her latest cause is her sisters and their survival. She will protect them as long as she lives.

T: If Ivy could only keep one of her powers, say healing over calling upon rock and foliage to help her in battle, which would she choose and why? (Does a two-step cause she is so proud of her ingenious question)

C: Great moves. (bows head in respect) As long as her sisters are in danger Ivy would choose the power to heal. Her protective instincts are ruthless, and with her earth fighting power she destroys without regret. But Ivy would choose what they need the most, what only she can do, and that’s healing.

W: Once Avia creates a tornado, can she control its path? (Does a twirling motion with his finger)

C: (laughs) Yes, Avia can control tornadoes.  She uses her finger or just directs it with her mind. But tornadoes are not all she has in her arsenal. Her childhood horse was named Zeus. 

Can you guess what else she can do?

Yes, she can also call and control lightning.

T: Mere can create ice shields and manipulate water, but can she also calm it down? More importantly, can she provide ice for my tea?

W: (Groans) You can ignore the question about tea.

T: No, she can’t. That’s important. While we are reviewing the book, my tea could get warm. Would be nice to just ask Mere to cool it off.

W: Ummm, you know, the characters aren’t real?

T: Are too! Aren’t they Courtney?

C: (smiles) Ha ha. You guys are awesome. Asha and Clay will be disappointed you don’t remember them from your previous interview with them. (chuckles).

And yes, of course Mere would cool your tea. Though she was constantly warned about wasting her power on things like filling bathtubs or chilling tea, Mere doesn’t really listen to warnings. She’d be down to help you in any way you need. She can calm water and stir it up, freeze it or heat it to steam. She can even manipulate and control water in the air or in a person’s body. 

T: Oh… um… I remember! He forgot. It’s a senior thing, y’know. I’m much, much, much younger. (Avoids looking at Wyre in the eye)

W: (Mouths) Younger? (Aloud) All the sisters are awesome! And the book is a blast to read.  Sooo looking forward to your next novel.

T&W: It was a great pleasure interviewing you. We appreciate your time.

C: Thank you so much for the opportunity. I really enjoyed meeting you.


With another blink the two vanish and appear in J. S. Marlo's novel SALVAGED. 

"Yikes! Yuck! Oh no!" Tattle rushes backwards, falls on her buns and crawls out of Star Fisher's nightmare. "Are you seeing that? Hellacious!"

"It's only a dream, m' squeamish fraidy cat."

"Not afraid, just ummm.... ahhh.... well... she can keep her dreams to herself, thank you very much." 

Tattle brushes herself off as if tossing off the fear. "Yes, yes, I know, she can't help this anymore than she can help the star-shaped scar adorning her cheek. Poor thing thinks it is disfiguring, but to Captain hunka hunka burnin' hunka Hauk Ludvikson, her new boss, it is intriguing, as intriguing as she is. Though he is not sure she is the right fit for his underwater salvage operation of a century-old Model T, at the bottom of a lake, which is linked to an equally old disappearance. Kyle, another diver feels the Captain is way too attracted to the young woman, something that could be a detriment on dangerous dives. At the same time, Star is pretty jittery herself, having been recently attacked. Yet, she is considered the best in her field, and Hauk is reluctant to let her go."

Wyre dons scuba wear, two air bottles and extra huge flippers as he renders his observations. "Attack is a key word in this story. Danger lurks like a...da da daaaaaa...stalking shark." A fishing spear comes out of nowhere and Wrye starts jabbing the air as if expecting an assault. "It soon becomes obvious that there is a mystery surrounding the wreck and someone doesn't want that mystery solved. It also becomes apparent that Star has her own personal haunts that she wants left alone. As they dig deeper into the murky waters and investigate the wreck, attempted murder, old murders and fresh murders float like ocean scum. No one seems safe, and every answer comes with a new set of questions."

Wrinkles her nose at Wrye's outfit, Tattle sighs and ignores. "Star's Uncle Jimmy plays a key part in the mystery, but doesn't even realize it. Meanwhile, the chemistry between the hero and heroine starts at a gentle but persiiiiisssstent simmer and then bubbles, gushes and boils over. Star pulls away, Hauk moves closer. Be warned, read this book with the lights on, suspense crawls over suspense. Nail biting and yelps of fear will occur. Looking over your shoulder and jumping in your seat is inevitable."  

"The storyline is delightfully complex and extraordinarily captivating. The characters are well-drawn and each have their own particular vibe. The good guys are the epitome of heroes with just enough of a quirk here and there to humanize them. Whereas the villains are menacing to the core of evil, yup, coughed up from the ninth level of Hades with hell hound escort."

"As always, J. S. Marlo doesn't disappoint. Of course, her own exclusive writing style and unique storyline intricacy is apparent but this book had an extra dose of multi-layering. It isn't a quick read, but a grab you by the intellect and keep you guessing ensnarement. You won't be able to put it aside from the first line to the last. I am thoroughly impressed by this story and look forward to all this author has to offer. Note: Already read everything she has written, and you should, too!"

Until next time, keep reading!

Books by: Angelica Hart and Zi
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