Friday, November 11, 2016

Excerpt from Ely's Epiphany

Ely’s Epiphany
Lexie’s Guys, 2
Rita Bay
Erotic Contemporary Romance/M-M
Champagne Books:

Will Christmas bring a breakup or a new beginning for ex-Green Beret partners Ely and Todd?

Todd shivered as the cool air’s caress chilled his damp, naked skin, or maybe it was the anticipation of Ely’s arrival. He glanced at the sheets. He’d feel much safer if he could cover himself with one, but he wouldn’t dare. He felt vulnerable. For the first time in their years together, he was apprehensive about the evening. Ely had behaved out of character for several weeks, maybe even months. Nicer, much nicer, but that had only increased his apprehension. Events were approaching some culmination, but he had no clue what that might be. The uncertainty was hardest to bear.

He’d spent some time in the bathroom, longer than he probably should have. He wished he could have relaxed in the garden tub, but it sat broken under a tarp awaiting repairs. He rushed through a shower, dried off, and then rubbed Ely’s favorite scent into his skin. When he couldn’t put it off any longer, he returned to the bedroom and crawled onto the bed.

When he arrived upstairs, he discovered the duvet on his bed had been replaced by sheets folded to protect the bedding. Ely knew he didn’t like to ruin his bedspreads with their activities, but what could he possibly have in mind? His partner got a bit rough sometimes, but he occasionally liked it that way. He’d never feared one of their encounters, not even their first one when he begged Ely to take his virginity. His cock stood at attention at the thought of their first time together.

He’d brought Ely home from the bar, knowing what he wanted from him. He’d tossed caution to the wind, chancing public humiliation if he were exposed and discharged for homosexuality and consorting with enlisted personnel. It had been a chance worth taking.

The off-post bar manager called the Officer of the Day’s office for assistance with an unruly customer, even gave them Ely’s name. He’d recognized the name and volunteered to handle the incident on his way home. Everyone on post knew Ely, or at least his reputation. He was a Green Beret who was rated as a search and extraction specialist, but those with a top secret clearance knew he did far more. He carried out assignments for the government that government officials claimed they didn’t do, and he was the best they had.

He’d written a check for the damages and they’d left together. Outside the bar, Ely stood silently. It was obvious he was waiting for something. Eventually, he turned to walk away. Todd had managed a ‘Wait.’

Ely looked at him closely, clearly assessing him. ‘You don’t know shit, do you?’ All he could do was shrug and shake his head.

They hardly spoke on the ride home. His moist hands gripped the steering wheel of his new 1993 Mercedes 500SL. Sweat beaded on his forehead. His shirt was damp under his arms. His pulse raced. He’d forced himself to slow his breathing.

Ely sat beside him totally relaxed. He was certainly no worse for wear for having laid out a couple of dozen brawny blue-collar workers in the bar. He wore jeans and a T-shirt, but no one would ever mistake him for a civilian. He was massive, but his movements were sure and smooth.

Ely walked into his home—an off-post, high-end townhouse in one of Chicago’s most affluent neighborhoods paid for with family money—looked around, and said, ‘I don’t belong here.’ When Ely turned to leave, he’d been ready to cry. But Ely had stayed and introduced him to the gay sex he craved, even though—like Ely said—he didn’t know shit.

The next morning in his hot tub, they’d negotiated a partnership that was satisfying to both. They’d celebrated with Ely fucking his ass for the first time. The man had been patient and eased him into things. He smiled at his own ignorance.

“What’s so funny, Todd?”

He cringed and his cock shriveled. Ely had caught him again.

“You can tell me when I return.”

His partner stood at the foot of the bed, still dressed and holding two small coolers. He set the coolers under his cot, which made them off limits and walked into the bathroom. He heard the shower running. Ely was naked now. They’d showered enough together that he could anticipate his every move. The hot water his partner preferred streamed over the slick planes of his body. Ely soaped his hands and stroked his body, then slid his hands over his cock and balls.

Todd tensed as he followed the progress of his partner’s shower. His own cock was back at attention. He grasped his cock and ran a thumb over the tip. He spread the pre-cum over his shaft, and then…

“Starting without me, Todd?”

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