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Tattle and Wrye column October 2016 edition



“Awwwtumn is the cutest season, y’know.”  Tattle appears with a necklace of fall leaves.


“The vibrant colors, the cool breezes, the holidays a-coming…”

“Annnd, a new Love of Literature Leap reviews!”

“Let’s go!”

The duet land in IMAGINE by Jenna Greene, a Young Adult Fantasy, read and share. 

Tattle oohs and ahhs as she finishes the story. “The moment Becky Thatcher opted to read under her covers after being ordered to sleep, I was hooked. The character was relatable to those of us who have done the exact same thing.  From there, I was also instantly drawn into the story. Action! Adventure! Magic! It was as if Jenna Greene snapped a whip and the plot obeyed to immediately stuff the ravenous reader. Meanwhile, Kat Bowers finds herself in another realm, confused and awed.”

“Then ta-da.” Wrye does a two step for emphasis. “Once Becky finds herself in the same realm, the two girls meet. Kat easily accepts the role of protector over the younger Becky. Soon after, they encounter Enalie, the magical entity, known as one of the Naturals.   She was responsible for their predicament. They not only discover they are on Oren, not Earth, they also are awed to realize that magic truly is real. The two of them, along with two others, had been chosen to save Oren.”

“With the Naturals magical age coming to an end, Becky and Kat become part of the new revolution of magic, and are called…” Tattle pauses, eyes wide before blurting, “The Elementals! Kat is water while Leda is air, and Jamee is earth. Becky is The Unifier. To save Oren, they must complete various tasks, but first Kat and Becky must find Jamee and Leda, which Becky thinks is an impossible pursuit once Kat is hurt.”

“Soon they find help from Ino, a soldier and good leader for the quest as well as Eston, nephew to the King. Still, their task is not easy. They must battle nightly beasts, and persuade the new holders of magic to assist them in retrieving the Orb of Olec. Will they? Or will darkness finally consume Oren?” Wrye’s tone becomes deep and threatening.

“Jenna’s work, though laced with enough darkness to pinch out the last star, still sparkles with fantasy and the yearning to be part of the mystical realm.” Tattle smiles whimsically as she remembers the perfectly alluring prose.  “I found myself wanting to trail along on their quest and be a part of the entourage that will save Oren. The story is polished and well-put together, and will totally appeal to not just YA but those of us who are quite a few decades older.”

“I’ve re-discovered my yearning for the fantasy of my youth within Becky. She is such an identifiable character and totally believable. Meanwhile, there are layers to Kat that are unexpected, making her extremely likable and establishing a heroine you constantly cheer onward. I like Jenna’s quick pacing, the way she never lets up and never allows her characters give up. Also, the darkness is chillingly sinister and stunningly evil. This is a darkly delightful book that you cannot put down. Kudos to Jenna Greene in providing the reading with such a wonderful adventure.”

Tattle and Wrye loop arms as they jump into another review, UNBALANCED by Courtney Shepard, a paranormal romance.

Tattle clears her throat and begins, “Long, long ago four young girls were abducted by the Master, and henceforth generations of four sisters are pulled back to the current Master of The Order.  The sisters’ powers grow with every generation; thereby The Order’s need for that power intensifies.  They cannot exist without it, and they have a decisive and heinous end plan.”

“This latest generation of sisters had been separated at birth yet they are all still hunted.” Narrowing his eyes, Wrye offers a sinister snarl.  “And they feel it, believe there is something more to their existence and soon those reasons unfold even as the threat of death dodges them.  This is a tale of four powerful women who have the ability to command the element of nature.  Asha, the main heroine of this story, is fire and is as independent and tough as they come as well as quite explosive when her temper is ignited.” Uses both hands to imitate the universal symbol of something exploding.

“Her love interest, Clay,” Tattle sighs the name, “… has his own mysterious depths and from the first you feel he might pose a threat. Still, he has been drawn to her, believes her to be the powerful woman who has haunted his dreams, La Guerrero Reina, the Warrior Queen. He pledges himself to her, but there is something more to this hot-to-the-bone hero, and their romance has the curve twisting velocity of a roller coaster ride as their passion increases and their love strengthens despite an unwavering sense, woven into the underside of the story that smacks of betrayal.”

“The backdrop of the story also shows the persistent struggle of women through the ages in life and in religion. The prevalent magic underpinning the story, along with the slow unveiling of the truth behind The Order, and the reason for the sisters’ power is fully compelling.  Good and evil has its place as well, but neither is pure which makes it all more human and realistic.”

Tattle adds, “The characters are all well-drawn with the sisters being very tough, no-nonsense and determined. The men they are drawn to, with a future promise of possibilities, also exhibit that fighting spirit, and they too share a mysterious aura that keeps the reader wondering at the truth. The sexuality of the book has steam and heat enough to pull you into the romance, yet is delightfully devoid of any crudeness or obscenity, making the various elements of mystery, romance, fantasy, magic and danger all balanced.”

“Courtney Shepard wove a tale that stays with you days past reading it.” Wrye gives his serious and penetrating look.  “The plot was swiftly paced, cleverly written while the dialogue was brisk, addictive and true to life. If there is any complaint it is that it ended too soon.  I want to read more of this universe, uncover the finer depths of The Order, the deeper mystery behind the sisters. These feelings, I believe the author, skillfully and deliberately provoked with the purpose of sequels, one for each of the sisters, Ivy, Mere and Avia, of which I am looking forward to reading. UNBALANCED is a book with a hook! If you enjoy the paranormal with strong female leads, this is certainly the story for you.”

Hope you all enjoyed our reviews! Until next month, keep reading.

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat

Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi

Books by: Angelica Hart and Zi
Books by: Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane

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