Friday, October 7, 2016

Excerpt from Rael

A Must Remember Novella
By Colleen S. Myers
Science Fiction Romance
Champagne Books:

What would failure cost him?


An explosion rocked the inner city, shattering brick and stone. Debris fell like rain. Dust and smoke coated the morning sun in darkness. The echo of the blast rang in the air and then faded to silence. One minute. Two. Then a second detonation followed. And another, until the sounds of bombs and falling rock drowned out everything else.

Rael shoveled down his breakfast standing up in the cafeteria when the first explosion hit. Food flew. Chairs overturned. The long tables skidded across the floor into the wall and Rael slid right along with them. The floor still swayed when he managed to pick himself up. His ears buzzed and a headache spread across his forehead. He tasted copper as he balanced on his clawed toes, dark wings tucked tight to his back to protect them from falling glass. With a quick glance, he took stock of his surroundings and the destruction around him.


His eight-year-old sister had trailed him to the dining hall this morning, begging to go to training with him. Where was she? Panic seized him as he flipped tables and screamed her name again and again. His gut churned. Please, don’t let her be hurt. Not Seri.

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