Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Publisher's Choice: Tainted Glass

Tainted Glass
Brian Carufe
$3.95 eBook
$13.95 Print
Science Fiction/Fantasy

Available on:
Champagne Book Store
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Before Prince Charming, before the seven dwarves, there was William.

When Prince William’s father is murdered before his eyes, he thinks his miseries could never be worse. He’s wrong. Helped by Anna, his queen and love of his life, he struggles with a dark side he always knew existed, made worse with the tragic consequences of his daughter’s birth, the princess Snow White. Through the malice of a spurned love, and the scheming of rivals that covet his throne, William finds himself the victim of a curse that condemns him to live out his remaining days as the magic mirror of lore. With his daughter’s life hanging in the balance, William must save her the only way he can: engaging in a game of wits with the cunning and manipulative woman who imprisoned him behind the glass.

But is Snow White worth saving at all?

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