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Unbalanced Book 1 Review from Paranormal Romance Guild



Novel: Unbalanced
Series: Unbalanced - Book 1
Author: Courtney Shepard
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: Adult

In 1988, fifteen year old Emma ran for safety to have her children. With her was Greta, a nurse she trusted. When her four twin daughters were born, she was betrayed by Greta who led the very man she ran from to her home to take her children away.
At the age of sixteen, Asha was being watched over by Father Sean for whom she worked. Her power was fire, and he used her to eliminate rebels and drug dealers, or so Asha thought. Her last assignment was to destroy a rebel stronghold that turned out to be an orphanage. She was responsible for the deaths of children and the innocent people caring for them. It was a turning point in her life.
Asha is now twenty-seven. In an attempt to atone for her actions, she set up a clinic in South America caring for those who needed her. Unfortunately, in her pursuit to keep a low profile, hide her gift, and protect the people around her she gained a reputation as the Warrior Queen, a woman who cut out the tongues of those who opposed her, was planning on overturning the government and, worse yet, and was building an army with young children. When Clay Brent came to the clinic with medicine and an offer to help claiming he was from Doctors Without Borders, a desperate need to save her friend caused her to trust when trust was something she rarely did. It could also be that she has a strong physical attraction to him.
Asha's first inclination to distrust Clay proved right when he kidnapped her, and most of the villagers were attacked and killed. This was her first introduction to the Order, a group who wanted her dead. What Asha doesn't know is that she has three other sisters, Mere, whose element is water, Avia, who can control Air, and Ivy who controls earth. Not only do the Order want Asha dead, they want her sisters dead, as well. In spite of being locked in a dungeon with no use of her powerm she still can't understand her attraction to Clay. If she had a chance to escape could she kill him?
Ivy who learns about her sisters and is able to sense where they are. She finds all but Asha since Asha has lost her abilities. When Asha is told to accompany Clay on a mission to destroy three women she has no clue who they are. She was sent by Master Miles, the next in line to take over the Order, but he intended to save her, not have her killed. While on the mission, she saw three faces looking back at her, all with her face. Together they fight the men attempting to kill them. Clay has three brothers, Rio, Aron and Cole. Each of them have the same powers as the girls, only not quite as strong. Where can the girls be safe? Is Clay really trying to kill her?
I gave this book four stars because at times it seemed a little drawn out. I realize that there was a lot of information the author tried to impart on the reader, where were the girls before they met up with each other, who are the Order and why do they want the girls dead so badly, who is Clay and his brothers, why did Master Miles help them and who is actually in charge of the Order, etc. This is the first book in a new series that I look forward to reading. The author has created an amazing world, but there is much more coming. 

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

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