Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Publisher's Choice: Adrian's Angel

Adrian's Angel
Angela Ashton
Paranormal Romance

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Saying goodbye to old ghosts isn’t easy, especially when Adrian Birichino comes face to face with a woman twenty years won't allow him to forget…
Plagued by baffling circumstances surrounding the loss of his childhood sweetheart, Adrian Birichino has spent the last twenty years trying to forget. When fate forces him to return to the town he loathes, his pervasive nightmares turn alarmingly real as a luminous angel steps out of thin air, inducing an accident that leaves his life in familiar hands. Real or not, she feeds a need burrowed deep in his soul. But if she’s just a figment of his hyperactive imagination, how had she managed to leave behind tangible evidence of her existence?

Having been catapulted to a sinister spot in time, Riley Gail must find a way to convince Adrian she is real and living in the heart of the infamous witch-hunt…else resign to be immortalized in the pages of history as one of Salem’s accused forever more.

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