Saturday, June 13, 2015

Interview with Julie Eberhart Painter

Audra Middleton, one of our awesome authors, hosted her CBG colleague Julie Eberhart Painter on her blog. Here is a little taste of their chat:

"The laughs continue here on my blog, with more humor author interviews! Today Julie Eberhart Painter is my guest.

Thanks for joining me today, Julie. Why don't you start by telling us, what is your favorite style of comedy?

Puns/plays-on-words and irony. Or there’s nothing like the shaggy dog stories; those run-on funny tales where the listener starts to laugh in anticipation. My favorite example is a delightful Irish folk song called “Why paddy won’t be in to work today”. It incorporates exaggeration, physical humor and disbelief. We heard it sung in a Irish pub. 

You can see it coming. Paddy is a construction worker responsible for carrying bricks to the top floor of an ongoing building site. He’s a bit lazy, Paddy is, figures out (erroneously) that he can use the pulley method for bringing them up so he doesn’t have to make so many trips carrying them a few at a time. Paddy completely forgets to factor in his own weight. 

He is in for the “ride of his life,” suffering numerous injuries, but always hopeful and then apologetic. So as Paddy sustains blow upon blow and fails at every “good” idea he thought would save him effort, we see graphically why Paddy won’t be coming into work today or for a few days more …" 

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