Friday, June 5, 2015

Amber Prelude Excerpt

Amber Prelude
An Amber Gifts story
By Kevin B. Henry
Fantasy/Steampunk Mystery

When it’s sunny with a chance of time travel, where would you go if the world was at your feet and an assassin was on your trail?


Mitchell's story continues by taking us to the very beginning, to the first jump in time he ever made.

Mitchell didn't really believe the story the Man told him-- take a sip and speak a year. He whimsically chooses a historic event to witness. Little does he know he will become part of that history. Faster than you can say Teithwyr Amser, Mitchell is chasing a bona fide assassin not only across America but across centuries.

Mitchell travels from the America he knows to France and Africa through decades and centuries he is unfamiliar with. While he chases authentic villains, he makes historic friends, all in an attempt to set history back the way he remembers.

1963: New Mexico

“Excuse me?”
I had considered myself stuck in this year; that I’d live the next few years of this decade and die at the beginning of the next. I was comfortable knowing when I was going to die. I had been ready to die before I received the vial. It had never occurred to me I could jump a second time.
“Yeah, you can go anywhere else you want. Just stay on this side of your birthday.”
“You’re kidding me,” I said feeling stunned, but new possibilities were slowly creeping toward my brain. The canvas of my life just got much larger.
“Son,” Gil said in amusement, “I was in 1911 Detroit before I came here to find you. I was watching the Tigers play. Cobb was in the middle of a forty game hitting streak. It was a glorious series to see. Of course the man was a real piece of work, but a hell of an athlete.”
“Ty Cobb?”
“Yep, Cobb and Joe Jackson will duke it out during the season for the batting title. Cobb would win eventually, but at the time I left there wasn’t much difference between them.”
“How is any of this possible?” I knew a little baseball. I knew about Shoeless Joe and everyone knew who Cobb was.
“It’s time travel, son. The vials work the same for everyone. Put some drinkable water in it, then drink it, say the year you want to go to, and you’ll go there. You said 1963. You landed in New Mexico. If you had said 1863 you would have landed somewhere else. I picked 1918 once and landed in Chicago.”
“This just isn’t possible”
“Welcome to a whole new world, son. Fifteen hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat. And yesterday, you knew that time travel was impossible. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow.”
I paused. “You realize you just quoted a Will Smith movie that won’t exist for over 30 years, right?”

“Love that scene by Tommy Lee Jones. It’s the best one in the whole movie. Ever see him in that Ty Cobb movie?” Gil smiled.

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