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In The Spirit by Linda Rettstatt

In The Spirit
Linda Rettstatt
Paranormal romance
Champagne Books
ISBN: 978-1-77155-076-5
November 2013
Jessica Windsor is a renowned writer on the verge of a serious writer’s block that could affect her career. Leaving the stress of New York and her son in the loving care of her parents, she rents a mountain cabin for the summer in order to find her muse to finish her novel. What she didn’t expect was finding a ghost in need of her help and finding an unexpected romance in the process.
Linda Rettstatt writes an exciting plot that keeps you at the edge of your seat. This heartwarming story of love, mystery and humour has you glued to the pages. The main characters Jessica, Andrew and Ben work very well together and their interactions make the story an amazing read. Jessica comes across as a strong female character that, even with her vulnerabilities, she prevails. Her reactions when she is confronted by a spiritual being is believable and amusing. The male characters are honorable, brave and handsome. The main plot is intriguing and convincing with an underlying subplot that doesn’t detract from the story, but enhances it and makes it stronger.
In The Spirit is well written and has a great dialogue that makes you fall for the characters. The setting of the secluded cabin in the woods, where she is all alone, creates an eerie atmosphere that contributes to the paranormal genre. The author has a way with capturing the essence of the spirit and doesn’t make it appear comical but makes it seem as a real person to the main character. Meeting up with some strange characters in the town while she is doing her research adds to the mystery. Watching her try to break down the barriers that Ben built around himself, makes you route for them to get together. Jessica is a formidable hero, as she not only finds it in her heart to help a wayward ghost but she also unknowingly helps a man find love again, by finding her.
Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Catherine Anderson

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