Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Read An Ebook Week

March 2-8 is time to celebrate ebooks, and how far we've come from the earliest days of digital publishing. It's an exciting time of change and growth, as the world embraces new technology and the ability to read anytime, anywhere. Who ever would have thought that you could order a book, AND have it in your hands in seconds?  It's commonplace nowadays, thanks to Amazon, Kobo, BN and other retailers.

Because we're excited to be part of this reading revolution, we are happy to share our world of ebooks with you. Find 50% off all our ebooks at our three imprints, and enjoy some new books, new authors, and new adventures today!  -- prices automatically reduced  use coupon code E4ME at checkout to get your discount           use coupon code E4ME at checkout to get your discount

Happy Ebook Week!

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