Monday, January 23, 2012

RITA BAY'S TASTE OF CHAMPAGNE: Proof of Love by Arabella Stokes

Welcome to RITA BAY'S TASTE OF CHAMPAGNE where each month I will review one of my personal favorites from Champagne and introduce the author who wrote it. My first offering is Proof of Love—a heady vintage, one I knew long before the Regency romance made its way to Champagne. I was privileged to watch it grow scene by scene, chapter by chapter.

Two years ago, Arabella Stokes and I met five other yet-to-be-published writers at an RWA chapter meeting on the Gulf Coast. We found that we had much in common—particularly our ignorance of the publishing industry and a dedication to happily-ever-afters. Although spread across four states and from vastly different backgrounds (Arabella is one of our lawyers), we decided to make our journey toward publication together.

We formed our own critique group, set up an email support system and created the Southern Sizzle Romance Blog. (As an aside, I believe that my historical and cultural perspectives on Heroic Hunks in History on Mondays is far more chic than Arabella’s Wet Wednesdays with photos of ripped, half-naked men who are usually wet.) Anyway, our success surprised us. Six of the Sizzling Sisters have written books that are published or under contract.

Arabella is the Sizzlers’ Regency maven. If not for hygiene issues and limited career choices, she would likely book passage on the first time machine headed for 1800. She uses her knowledge and understanding of the Regency period and its people to craft rich settings for her stories and bring depth and believability to her characters.

In Proof of Love, the Duke of Danesleigh, a dedicated scientist, decides to choose his bride like his horses – using the scientific method. His candidate, Lady Susan Lanier, is suitable, available and likely to be willing. Having lost two fianc├ęs—finding one in the arms of another man, she is unlikely to receive other offers. Neither counts on the sparks that ignite into a raging fire after they marry but their path to happiness is neither easy nor certain. Proof of Love is a delightful read with a fresh approach to Regency romance. In my opinion, Arabella’s debut novel is well worth your time and money.

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  1. Great review, Rita - this one on my TBR list!

  2. Wonderful review and sounds like a fantastic book. Can't wait to see more from both you and Arabella.

  3. Thanks so much, Sweetie! We've been together through the hard times - I'm so glad we both ended up with Champagne!!!